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There is nothing prettier than a picture made by your little guy. However, others may not see this beauty in this in the same way you will. After all, you are his Mom or Dad and you only see the good in him. Fortunately there are creative ways to frame your child's artwork and enhance the true beauty and really showcase his talents.

Refrigerator Art Ideas

Many mothers will look to the refrigerator to hang their child's artwork and this is an excellent place to start. After all, you are often in this area of the house and you will have the chance to see his achievements anytime you need something from the fridge. Furthermore, the fridge provides you with an easy way to hang the paper through magnets.

However, you may notice that your refrigerator is starting to look like a cluttered mess with all the report cards, paintings and other creative crafts your little ones bring home. One way to frame your child's artwork on the fridge is to look for refrigerator magnet picture holders. These are quite inexpensive and use a glass frame with a magnet. You can easily slide the pictures in (but you may need to cut the artwork to fit) and then display the picture in a simple yet elegant way and place the picture on an office desk.

Purchase three or four different magnet picture frames and organize them on your fridge in a way that highlights each photo but also provides a type of college. If you have three kids, then place one picture in each frame. If you have two kids, then purchase four magnet holders and display two pieces of work on the fridge. As your kids bring home more paintings and more accomplishments, you can rotate the pictures out.

But what should you do with all the other pictures that no longer make the fridge? Start a scrapbook. This doesn't have to be anything fancy - simple get a large book of paper and some tape and add each picture to a page as it comes off the fridge. That way you can keep these precious memories and look back at your child's artistic progress whenever you want.

Bedroom Art Work Frames

Another option you have when it comes to framing your child's artwork is to purchase inexpensive picture frames in bright bold colors. You can get picture frames that are designed to hold artwork at any craft or large department store such as Kmart, Michaels or Sam's Club. Buy three or four different colored frames in the same color themes as your child's room. Then hang then on the wall as part of the décor. You will be helping your child gain a sense of pride in his accomplishments and also decorating his room in an inexpensive and creative way.

Even if your child is not quite ready to put pen to paper and draw a masterpiece, you can still emphasis his creative outlets by making painted moldings of his hands and feet. This is a tasteful way to showcase your little one's features and a beautiful way to capture the memory of his baby years. Purchase a photo frame with three openings and place a hand and foot print on each side. Choose a lovely newborn photo of your little one for the center opening and to complete your baby's first artistic painting.

Framing your child's artwork is every parent's right. Look outside the box and think about creative ways to really showcase their artistic talents. You can make any scribble, any blob, any stick figure a work of art with the right frames and a little creativity.

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