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One of the great things about raising children is that you get to be a child all over again. Your child will love playing games with you. There are countless different kinds of games you can play with your children from outdoor games like hide and seek to kick the can and learning games to dress up games, as long as they know neighbor noise etiquette. As long as you use your imagination you can make any activity or chore a game.

Best Board Games for Children

One of the best types of games to play with children is board games. Board games offer family fun in a quiet indoor setting (however, they can be great to play on an afternoon picnic as well). Board games provide a way to teach your child important lessons in teamwork, sharing, organization and leadership. It is also a great way to build his confidence and his learning skills. There are so many different options when it comes to board games that it can be hard to know which ones to test out. Below are some of the best board games for children of all ages.

For your older children (aged 8 and up), three of the best options are Scrabble, Clue and Monopoly. Scrabble will test their ability to find and make words and is a great vocabulary booster. Scrabble comes in a Junior option which is perfect for those little learners in the family. Clue is the classic mystery game that tests your child’s problem solving skills while Monopoly offers a street loads of fun for the whole family. Monopoly also comes in so many different options now that you can choose one that is more up-to-date than the classic edition.

Three other good options for older children include Checkers, Chess and Life. If you are looking to test your child’s brain then you can’t go wrong teaching them the strategies of Chess. Life is a good one for all children as they can ‘make believe’ they have children, an occupation and an income. Anything that tests the imagination is a winner when it comes to board game selection.

Younger Children Board Games

For younger children (aged 3 and up) three of the best board games to play are Sorry, Trouble and Snakes and Ladders (Chutes and Ladders). No one can resist those colorful men in Sorry while Trouble features a wonderful little ‘bubble’ that children love to pop. Chutes and Ladders is a simple concept but also a classic for younger kids.

However, we cannot forget about perhaps the most colorful game of all for younger children and that is Candyland. Candyland has been a delicious favorite in households for over 50 years with a simple path and colorful cards to tempt your younger bunch.

Keep in mind, however, that younger children have a short attention span so don’t be surprised if your younger child loses interest half way through (or decides to play ‘house’ with the Sorry men instead of playing the game). You can also include younger children is older board games by playing ‘teams’ so that your younger child can still sit in and help roll the dice/move the players/etc.

One browse through any toy store and you will see the wide range of selection when it comes to board games for kids. So the next time your children sit down in front of the television or head to the computer to turn on one of their computer games, opt for a more educational and family-friendly board game and enjoy an afternoon of togetherness and good ol’ fashion family fun.

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