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George Mason University Off Campus Housing

George Mason University off campus housing should not present you with a need for any major adjustments. All the experience gained at George Mason University residence halls, should make the transition to this more grown up version of student life a breeze. There will, of course, be differences in an off campus housing lifestyle versus a life at residences on the campus of George Mason University.

One of the biggest differences is that the place you and your roommates choose for GMU off campus housing life will mean travelling to and from classes. The old days of rolling right out of bed and heading straight to class only to return to your room for some more sleep are going to be over. Even if you find very close off campus housing in Fairfax, VA, it is sure to make for a little more of a class commute for you.

Changes to Expect

Then again, having so much more freedom to do what you want and when you want at George Mason University off campus housing should be well worth it. While focusing on your George Mason University studies is as important as ever, an off campus housing lifestyle can give your social life a boost. Depending upon which area the GMU off campus housing is located, trips to nearby hikes in VA or to Washington, D.C. for a day out can be made easier than ever.

Plus, when it comes to George Mason University off campus housing there is no need to pass a security desk. You and your friends and roommates really can come and go much more freely. No matter the time of day or night, the off campus housing apartment or house is not subject to the same rules as residence halls at George Mason University so often are.

This includes quiet hours. If everyone at the GMUC off campus housing apartment want to have a party, it probably will not be made to stop when the clock strikes ten. Of course, remember that living in off campus housing means sharing a neighborhood or building with other residents. These residents may not be students of George Mason University and may actually have to get up the following morning for a commute to a job.

Noise disturbances in the extreme can lead to difficulties with the neighbors or even visits from the Fairfax police. You will have plenty of freedom at GMU off campus housing, and will not have quiet hours to adhere to in a strict sense any more. However, it will be necessary to show common courtesy to neighbors at all times.

Parties that go long into the night are all right from time to time. But just because the rules you once had to follow when you lived on the George Mason University campus are no longer in force, does not mean you get to go all out. The same should apply when it comes to allowing friends and acquaintances on the premises of the GMU off campus housing rental.

Keep a watchful eye on guests who enter your George Mason University off campus housing. It may not be necessary for them to show identification upon entering, but remember that now more than ever no one in the residence will want to invite total strangers to have free access to your personal space. Ironically, when starting out on your own, you might find you begin to set rules for everyone in the home to follow.

Keeping a Safe Place Safer

Most likely, when you chose your new place, you chose it because it was in a decidedly safe neighborhood. Keeping you, your roommates and all belongings safe and sound is going to be a definite priority. As in the example with the party above, if a total stranger were to gain access to your personal space, it would not be hard for them to access personal belongings when a loud party is going on.

Before you even step foot inside your new place, make sure you take precautions against anything like this happening. Obtain a good quality low-cost renter's insurance policy. It can assist you with replacing valuables if they are stolen, damaged in a fire or destroyed in a natural disaster.

Simply fill out the form here and submit it to obtain a wide array of area insurance companies and their rates. A policy can cost about as much as a few new school supplies each month. But, it can provide you with invaluable protection on all the belongings kept at your George Mason University off campus housing. Make sure to make the most of this special time in your life, but also do what you can to keep it as safe and trouble-free as possible.

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