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George Washington University Off Campus Housing

George Washington University off campus housing is a perfect alternative to living at residence halls at George Washington University. If you are ready to make the move or have a need to move to be better able to manage a work schedule with your George Washington University class schedule, you want to carefully decide the best arrangement for the off campus housing experience. In addition, try to find GW off campus housing in the safest neighborhoods in Washington DC.

Choosing the Best Living Arrangement

As a George Washington University student you have basically two choices for off campus housing living arrangements. You can choose to live alone or choose to live with roommates. If you have no experience living on your own in a city like Washington DC, you may want to choose living with roommates.

Renting George Washington University off campus housing will be a great way to learn how life might be like once you graduate George Washington University. But, because many of the lessons you will learn while living at off campus housing involve money, you may want to choose the least expensive living arrangement possible. For many George Washington University students, choosing to share off campus housing is one way to make living expenses more affordable.

Besides this, if you are new to living on your own you may feel more comfortable having a roommate around. There are some people who enjoy being on their own, of course. If you are sure that you would enjoy solitude at your GW off campus housing, which may help you study more efficiently, then maybe choosing to rent off campus housing by yourself is the right choice.

Remember that the expenses involved with renting George Washington University off campus housing are going to include a little more than just the rent. You will need to plan on paying for some of the utilities, for example. If your rent is a few hundred dollars other bills and expenses, like groceries, will add to the total amount you need to be able to afford each month.

When you live on your own, you may not have expensive utility bills since you would be the only person making use of electricity in the apartment and so on. But, when you share GW off campus housing with roommates or other George Washington University students, the use of all utilities may cost more. However, since each person would be paying for their share it may be as affordable as if not more affordable than if you were renting alone.

The thing to keep focused on is that some bills, like heating or air conditioning, may fluctuate significantly throughout the year. If you do choose to rent George Washington University off campus housing with others, be sure to lay ground rules for how any unusually expensive bills will be handled. You will want to avoid arguments where one roommate, for example, insists that someone else used more hot water than anyone else and therefore they should be the one to pay the entire bill.

Living with roommates will have its benefits and its disadvantages. Make sure to weigh all of these before settling on living arrangements. It is important to choose wisely since it will greatly affect how much you will pay overall for your GW off campus housing experience.

Choosing Safe Off Campus Housing

Finding a safe place to call home is also important. Many other students have enjoyed living in surrounding apartments without any problems. You may want to select apartments based upon how suitable they have proven to be to other students. If you have friends who can recommend apartments which are not only safe but also affordable for students, make it a point to check these complexes out.

You may wish to ask any apartment manager for an application. Even if there is no current vacancy, it could be that one opens up as you are continuing to search for a rental at some other place. Try to keep all of your options open so that you can get to choose the best place from the greatest amount of possibilities. Sometimes available rentals are not listed or have not been listed yet if they are brand new. It does not hurt to fill out an application especially if it is at an apartment building you really would like to live at.

Finally, as far as being safe in your George Washington University off campus housing apartment is concerned, make it even safer by protecting everything you bring to the new home. You can do this with an inexpensive renter's insurance plan. They are available from regular insurance companies and can keep you and everything you own financially protected from the unexpected.

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