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Georgia renters insurance is a vastly underused tool for preventing asset loss. Some experts estimate that less than one quarter of Atlanta, Georgia's renters have renters insurance. When you consider that renters insurance is surprisingly inexpensive, you will see that it just makes sense to get Georgia renters insurance.

The probable reason that many Georgians fail to get renters insurance is that they think it is too expensive.  However, those who hold that belief have probably never fully considered renters insurance.  Did you know that the average cost of Georgia renters insurance is $215 per year (according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners)? Think of it: for just over $17 per month (less than half the cost of a tank of gas), you can get about $20,000 worth of renters coverage, the same coverage you would get for HO-3 homeowner's insurance, which costs on average $703 per year.

Why You Need Georgia Renters Insurance

"But I haven't got anything that needs coverage," you may say. While you may not have the swankiest address in Savannah, you still have many possessions that you will need to have replaced in the event of a fire, storm, theft or vandalism.  You may have purchased your bed secondhand for $100 five years ago, but if you had to replace it quickly, you would probably have to buy one new for considerably more. In addition, you would have to repair or replace all of your household goods, from clothes to furniture, to food, to hygiene products to electronic equipment to personal mementos.  That's why Georgia renters insurance is so important.

"But my landlord's insured, that should cover my stuff, right?" Wrong. Your landlord's insurance only covers the building's structure, whether it is an apartment building, a house or a condo. The landlord's insurance does not cover your possessions at all unless it is proven that your loss was because of his or her negligence.  So you need Georgia renters insurance.

You should also get Georgia renters insurance to protect your assets from a liability lawsuit. Let's say you have an apartment in Valdosta, Georgia, and a visitor slips on a throw rug, breaking his or her leg.  That visitor could sue you for his or her medical bills; lost wages; and pain and suffering. Such a lawsuit could wipe out your bank accounts and other savings unless you have Georgia renters insurance.

How much Georgia Renters Insurance?

"How much Georgia renters insurance do I need?" And you may wonder how much renters insurance costs? Only you can really answer that question- and only after you have completed an inventory of your possessions. Get a notebook and go room by room through your house, listing each of your possessions as you go.  As you list each item, record the replacement value of each item, rather than the actual value. After all, if you have to replace an item, it is likely to cost significantly more than what your current one is worth. This could have a big effect on your renters coverage.  After you have completed your inventory checklist, call Quote Georgia - An Independent Insurance Agency located in Athens Georgia. Quote Georgia can do your insurance comparison shopping for you with up to 10 different carriers and you will only have to talk to one person!  They can also assist you in combining your policies to save money!

Once you have completed your inventory, make several copies. Store one in a secure place in your apartment or condo. Store one in a safety deposit box and store the others in safe places elsewhere, for instance with a trusted relative or friend.  If the worst happens, you want to be able to access your inventory so you can quickly make a claim on your Georgia renters insurance.

Be sure to keep your inventory updated. Every time you make a major purchase, review your inventory and your Georgia renters insurance to be sure you are adequately covered.

You should also consider what types of renters coverage you need. Most Georgia renters insurance will cover you against about 15-20 calamities, including theft, vandalism, fire etc. However, most renters policies will not expressly cover earthquakes or floods. Earthquakes are not generally a problem in Georgia. However, residents of Brunswick should definitely consider buying extra federal flood insurance to protect their belongings against water damage.

Your renters insurance should also adequately protect your belongings while you are traveling and also pay for your lodging and meals if you must seek temporary housing. Read your policy carefully to make sure these important issues are covered. You don't want any surprises if disaster strikes.

Theft is an important consideration for renters as rented housing is far more likely to be a target of thieves than purchased housing. Not only should you have excellent insurance coverage, you should also take several precautions to protect your belongings:

First of all, make sure there are adequate locks on your doors and windows.

Second, be discreet about your possessions: Don't go flashing wads of cash or glittery jewelry.

Third, keep valuables out of direct window view as much as possible, keep privacy curtains over windows.

Fourth, take pictures of your valuables and keep them with your inventory in a safe place.

While these and other measures will go a long way toward protecting your possessions, you should also consider crime and other potential disasters before you move into a new apartment. If you are trying to decide whether to live in Atlanta or nearby Alpharetta, consider the crime rate in each ZIP code and give preference to the one with less crime. Not only will it give you peace of mind, it will also give you a break on your renters insurance.

You should also see whether you can find the CLUE report for the address which you are considering to rent. CLUE is the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange and is a history of the insurance claims at that address.  If a previous tenant had filed too many claims, an insurance company may raise the renters insurance rates for that property, even to a new tenant.

You should also check out an insurance company before purchasing Georgia renters insurance. Call Georgia's state insurance office, 404-656-2056, to find out whether any complaints have been filed against the company.

While Georgia renters insurance is one of the few bargains in the insurance industry, there are many ways you can reduce your premiums even more. For example, while $250 is a typical deductible amount, you may want to consider raising it to $500 or even $1,000. This move can reduce your premiums by up to 25%. (However, make sure you have sufficient funds to cover $1,000 in emergency expenses if you had to.)

Getting Georgia renters insurance is an easy process. All you have to do is follow the easy directions on your insurance quote page, answer the questions, and you're done. You'll have a quote that shows you what great deal Georgia renters insurance is. Get at least three quotes before you make a final decision as quotes can vary widely.

Which renters insurance company is the best? That's tough to answer. If a certain company has been insuring your car or life policies, certainly consider it for your renters insurance as you will likely get a great deal. Otherwise, look for a company that offers great customer service with few complaints and an affordable renters premium.

Georgia renters insurance is very affordable and an essential way to protect your possessions and your assets.

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