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Looking for the perfect pet? Then you may be happy to go with a bird. Birds are lovely little animals that do not take up much room or require that much attention. You don't have to walk your bird every night after work and you don't have to clean the litter box. However, birds come with a lot of other responsibilities and problems that you need to be aware of before heading down to your local pet shop and grabbing the first chirpy bird you see.

The first thing you need to know about getting a bird is that they are not that cheap. Most birds will cost hundreds of dollars to buy and this does not even include the bird feed, the accessories and the cage. You can expect to spend thousands of dollars on some birds such as parrots or exotic species. Furthermore, many birds will also require regular vet checkups and vaccinations which can add up to hundreds of dollars each year as well.

The second thing you need to know about getting a bird is that they are not always that friendly. Birds can and will bite when they feel threatened or are uncomfortable. Some birds are just plain mean and will bite for no real reason. What this means is that you need to be careful having a bird around children. Furthermore, if you have other pets, such as a cat or a dog, this could pose a serious problem to the dynamic of your household.

The third thing you need to know about birds is that they can be quite noisy. While not all birds are going to talk and repeat words you have said, most will chirp and sing. This can get quite annoying if you are trying to sleep. Be prepared for the sound of bird throughout the day when you invest in this pet. If you are living with a roommate or if you live in a complex where the walls are quite thin and projects like garage conversion are out of the question, it might be polite to talk about your plan with those that will also be impacted by the sound of chirping all night long.

Birds as Pets

Furthermore, there are countless different species and sizes of birds to choose from. Some will talk or chirp while others will be perfectly quiet. Some will live several dozens of years while others will not. Some will be yellow and white, others will be blue and green and others will be purple and red. The appearance and the typical personality of the bird is important to consider when you are looking into birds as pets.

Make sure you are also ready for the responsibility of having a bird including feeding him, giving him fresh water and ensuring he is happy throughout the day and night. Most birds will require some sort of toy for their cage such as a mirror or a ball. Birds love looking at themselves in the mirror and also love to have a place to perch and watch the outside world. You will need to clean the cage on a regular basis and be sure that your bird is healthy with regular vet checkups.

With all of this being said, birds are also wonderful companions and excellent pets. They can be loving and loyal and can cheer you up when you are feeling down. Many people will have their birds for several years and come to treat them as their own children. If you are looking into getting a bird, you can expect both the good and the bad aspects of this beautiful and bright creature.

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