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Many landlords are not too happy to let their tenants paint the walls of the home or apartment. In most instances, exterior paint jobs are out of the question but many landlords are also not too keen on interior paint changes. If you want to paint the walls in your rental home then you need to get your landlord's permission first. Painting the walls without permission is ground for eviction, even if you think the renovation turned out nice.

Ask your landlord about painting your apartment during a time when he is not rushed and seems to be in a good mood. Let him think about the idea and let him help with the color choice. You will have better luck convincing your landlord that painting the walls a lighter color is a good idea than trying to get him to let you paint the walls a dark color. This is because dark paint is a lot harder to get right and is a lot harder to paint over. Go for light blues, yellows, greens or standard white options when luring your landlord into the idea of a paint job.

Having a good reason to paint may also help convince your reliable landlord. If, for example, you are expecting a little girl and want to paint the room a shade of pink, then he may be a little more sympathetic to your desires and may request it. After all, who can resist the excitement of a newborn baby?

Convincing your Landlord to Let you Paint

Many lease agreements will have a clause about the rules and regulations regarding painting. If your lease clearly states, 'NO PAINTING' then you may have a tough time convincing your landlord otherwise. He may be willing to let you touch up a few areas or go over the walls with the same color but he will most likely not allow you to do a massive color change, even if you think it will brighten up the place.

Your landlord may also be happier to let you paint if you use a professional service. You will probably need to pay for it yourself but he may be more willing to let you choose the color if he knows that a professional will do the job right. He won't have to worry about paint splatters on the hardwood floors or poor cutting jobs around the door frames if you use someone who knows what he is doing.

If your landlord has given you the all clear and you want to do the painting job yourself then be respectful. Invest in good paint that will work well with the walls and also purchase several paint covers for the hardwood floors and furniture. Choose water based paint which is much easier to get out than oil based paint. Invest in masking tape to ensure a smooth line around corners and take off all doors, light switch outlets and other fixtures so that you get an even paint. The preparation for painting often takes longer than the job itself so be prepared to be thorough when you are painting a rental apartment.

Getting a landlords permission to paint is the first step when painting your rental unit. Keep your landlord informed while you are painting the home and let him know of any spills or bumps along the way. If you have damaged something in the house, then you may have to pay for it out of your own pocket. As long as you and your landlord are on the same page, then the painting process will go a lot smoother.

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