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The best way to get along with your landlord is to be a good tenant. This means obeying everything that has been laid out on your lease agreement and making the effort to keep the place clean and tidy. As long as you and your landlord are mature adults when there is a problem, then there is no reason why you cannot get along with your landlord.

Dealing with a Landlord

Your landlord is busy, just like you, which means one of the best ways to stay in the good books is to avoid unnecessary confrontation and issues. Try to fix minor problems yourself before going to your landlord for assistance, and trim your hedges and mow your lawn often. There may come a time when confrontation is unavoidable. If, for example, something breaks in the house or if you have a problem with the neighbors then you may need to express your concern to your landlord. As long as you are polite and respectful in the way you go about it, then there will not be any problems. Landlords know that problem solving and fixing broken parts of the house is all part of the job as a property manager. As long as you both handle the situation in a mature manner, then there is no reason why you cannot fix the issue and get along perfectly.

Another important way to stay in the good books with your landlord is to always pay your rent on time. Make an effort to have the check in his mail box ahead of time so that you are not cutting it too close each month. Your landlord will probably count on your monthly rent check to pay for some of his own living expenses so make it easy on all parties by always being on time.

Every landlord and every rental property is different. While your previous landlord may have been happy to let you smoke indoors and throw parties on the weekend, your new landlord may not approve of this behavior at all. At the end of the day, what he says goes which means you need to respect the rules he has laid out. If he says 'no pets', then do not try to sneak in your cat. If he say 'no painting' then do not visit the paint store. Respect his rules; after all, it is his apartment.

Respecting your Rental Unit

When the time does come to move on and move out, it is important that you leave the place in the same state as when you got it, or better. This means doing a serious clean and wipe down of everything (toilets, walls, baseboards, oven, appliances, etc) before you move on. Your landlord may hire a professional to steam clean the carpets or you may be responsible for doing this yourself if the carpets are seriously dirty. By leaving the place in the same condition as when you came in you are ensuring that you get your damage deposit back and also strengthening your chance of getting a good reference from your landlord.

You don't have to become best friends with your landlord; in fact, it is probably not a good idea to mix business with pleasure. Even if your landlord is a jerk or if your personalities collide, you don't have to deal with him on a daily basis - you probably only need to see him once or twice a month. However, to make your rental agreement as pleasant as possible, always be on your best behavior, try to get along with your landlord and treat your rental property as if it were your own.

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