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Has this happened to you before - you've turned your back on your toddler son for just a few minutes and whammo! He has made his mark all over the nice clean white walls in your rental home. And, on second look, the pen is not his standard washable felt pens but is a heavy duty permanent marker. Wonderful. If this has ever happened to you then you know how hard it is to deal with permanent pen on your walls, and the worst part is your kid doesn't understand that your lease doesn't allow painting or nailing. Perfect.

Permanent Pen Fixes

There are a number of fast fixes for this common problem. You can try to move an item of furniture so that it blocks the art work or you can put a poster or picture over top of it. However, this is only going to offer a very temporary solution and you will need to eventually get rid of the mark before your landlord finds out about it. If you do decide to leave it you can expect your landlord to get a whole new paint job which will come out of your damage deposit. Why risk this when there are simple solutions that will only cost you a couple of bucks?

It is possible to get permanent pen off the walls of your house but it is going to take a little bit of work to do so. In most instances when it comes to permanent pen you can try to use a soapy wet cloth to get rid of the color. In some instances this will work but most of the time this will only fade the color. So, rather than having a bright black picture on your wall, you will have a dull black picture on your wall.

One of the best ways to get permanent pen off the walls of your rental unit before your landlord comes by for a routine inspection is to use a Magic Eraser. Magic Erasers can be purchased at any home ware or grocery store and are in the cleaning section. You will need to put a lot of muscle when using a Magic Eraser but with enough rubbing and power you can get the permanent pen off the wall.

Focus on only one small section at a time and continue to rub and rub and rub at this one spot. Take a break after each inch section and continue on. You can expect this to take a little while and you may find that your arms and fingers get sore but persevere. This is not going to be an easy task but with time and strength you will be able to scrub every last inch off your walls.

Avoiding Permanent Pen Damage

No one wants to spend their free time getting permanent pen off walls; however, if you are a parent then this is most likely something you will do at least once in your life. Once you have the pen off the walls it is important to ensure that this never happens again. What this means is hiding the permanent markers in a safe area where your children cannot reach for it and grab it.

Children seem to know when something is off limits and will immediately go for this item. Hide it, lock it, child proof it and make sure he is always occupied with something more appropriate before letting him out of your sight. This will help you avoid these accidents in the future and help ensure that you are not spending your days scrubbing and cursing while getting permanent pen off walls.

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