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Pet fur gets everywhere. This is one of the biggest downfalls to owning a cat or dog or any other animal that sheds. One of the places where pet fur can accumulate without you even realizing it is on your wall. It may not be until you take a closer look that you see the piles of pet fur that have made their way, like your child's artwork, up your once clean white walls. Whether you are moving out for good or just tired of looking at your blackened walls, it is completely possible to get rid of this pet fur without getting rid of your pet completely.

Cleaning Your Walls

You can start the quest for fur-less walls with a vacuum cleaner. Take off the main attachment for your carpet and work with only the nozzle. Turn your vacuum cleaner on and head up the walls with the nozzle. You will find that the most common places for pet fur accumulation will be in the corners. Try to make it up as far as you can on the walls.

For the top of the walls where you cannot reach you can get a broom and try to get the pet fur off like this. However, there may not be pet fur all the way to the top of your ceiling, if you are lucky. Once you have gotten the main fur off you can then take a wet cloth and wipe the walls with water. This will get rid of any other fur and other debris that has made a home on your walls.

Another thing you may notice when you are cleaning your walls from pet fur is that there are some spots where your pet sleeps that have now become black with their dirt. If your pet does sleep up against a wall then this area is going to eventually turn quite dark and dingy as the dirt from his pores and his fur sinks into the wall. To get rid of this off-colored situation you can wash the wall with soapy water. If this does not work and the dirt is caked on really good you can also try a magic eraser which can get rid of many things stuck to your walls. If all else fails you may have to dig out the wall paint and give this area another coat to get rid of this yucky brown spot before you move out.

Pet fur on your walls is a sure fire sign that you have had a pet in your rental accommodation. While your landlord may allow pets in rentals, this does not mean he will be happy with any traces that your pet leaves behind. Anything that is not completely cleaned of your pet will end up costing you and this cleaning bill will come out of your pet or damage deposit. This is why it is so important to take the time to clean all areas in your home before you move out.

If you are moving out soon and trying to clean your house as best as possible, then getting pet fur off walls should definitely be on your cleaning list. However, to ensure that your house remains sparkling clean before you move out, find alternative accommodation for your pet during the cleaning process. If you have not moved into your new place yet, then ask a friend to watch your pet or spend a couple of bucks on a kennel for a night or two. That way you can give the house a perfect clean without risking more pet fur sneaking in after you finish.

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