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Preparing your home for a party can take several days. You want to be sure that you have adequate food, drinks, and entertainment and that your home is clean. You may also need to think about decorations, party games and places for your guests to sit. When getting prepared for a party, use lists and other simple methods to keep organized and ensure your party is a smooth success, and be sure to ask your landlord for block party permission.

Food Preparation Tips

Let's start with the basics. What do you need food and drink wise? Sit down and make a list of items you want to serve at the party. Is this a dinner party with three main courses or a barbeque with plenty of snacks? Is this a child's birthday party with cake and nibbles or an adult cocktail party with finger foods and pastries?

Make a menu of what you want and what you need to buy. You may wish to go shopping for the items several days before the party, especially if you need to make some of the treats from scratch. Try to make a dish every day and then put it in the freezer if it will keep. That way you do not have to spend the night before the party cooking up a storm in your pajamas.

When you go grocery shopping you should also make a list of other items you will need such as refreshments and decorations. Children's birthday parties require balloons, goody bags, streamers and other decorative items while adult parties may require plastic cutlery and paper cups if you do not have a large stock. If you are hosting a friendly barbeque it might be easier for cleanup to simply use plastic plates instead of dishing out the best china to serve up steak and chicken burgers.

Party Planning Requirements

Additional items you may require for any party are tablecloths, party hats, napkins and serving platters if you do not have many. All of these things can be purchased at any large warehouse or even smaller grocery store in the party planning section. Again, write out a list of things you need beforehand and bring it to you when you do your shop. That way you will be sure that you have everything for the big day.

The best parties are the ones that go with the flow. You should not have every hour planned out but instead let the kids and adults have a good time. However, you may want to set up a few games to play as well as a special time for cutting the cake and opening presents. Good games to consider for children's parties include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Pass the Present and anything to do with balloons or water balloons if outside.

Adult parties do not usually require games but you may wish to set up a song list on your iPod or pick out a few CDS of tunes to play in the back ground. You may also wish to set up extra chairs so that everyone has a seat wherever the party is going to be. If you are spending time outside, for example, set up some camping chairs and bring out your kitchen chairs so that everyone can sit in the same room without feeling left out.

Getting prepared for a party can be fun. Do what you can to prepare for your party by making lists of what you will need. However, let the party run itself and go with the flow. Enjoy it - after all, it's your party and you are entitled to a little fun as well.

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