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There are plenty of ways to reduce your monthly spending and cut down on your costs. One way is to eliminate your home phone. For many people these days, having a home phone is unnecessary and you may be paying your monthly bill out of habit rather than because you actually need it. If you have the internet and a cell phone, then you may be able to get rid of your home phone and save anywhere from $25 to $100 per month by doing so!

First and foremost, think about what you are using your home phone for and think about alternative ways to connect. Look into your current cell phone plan to see what options you have and how much each type of call is costing. In some instances it may be cheaper to contact from your cell phone than your home phone, especially if you are contacting other mobile phones rather than land lines. Look for a plan that offers free or unlimited calls to other mobiles which many plans now have. If you have free SMS or text messaging, which many plans now have, then you can also get into contact with friends and family this way.

If you are making a lot of long distance calls then you are most likely using your home phone rather than your cell phone. Home phone companies offer fairly cheap overseas calls, especially if you contact within certain hours. However, what's cheaper than cheap? How about free?

Connecting Over the Internet

Skype or other voice over internet protocol systems offer extremely cheap or even free calling through the internet. Furthermore, with Skype and other systems, you can also connect to a video monitor and see one another through your computer. This makes staying in touch with friends overseas and making your weekly phone call to Mom so much more exciting and cheaper for all parties involved.

Skype and other VoIP systems are also great to talking to more than one person at once, so you can finally learn to keep pets away from gardens by speaking with your closest friends. You do three or more way calling through Skype and you can see different videos as well. Show off your new born infant to those that couldn't make the birth. There are endless possibilities when you make the switch from the traditional home line to newer more advanced communication technology.

You can expect your cell phone bills to rise a little bit if you are getting rid of your home phone, but, in many instances, if you are already on a significant plan that offers text messaging and unlimited calling, it won't be by much. Make sure you know ahead of time how much it is to contact home phones, cell phones and overseas numbers before you dial. That way you know what to expect if you are making a lot of roaming calls on your phone.

If you do want to get rid of your home phone you need to ensure that you are not locked into any contract. If you are, then you will incur a fee for trying to cancel your home phone before the contract is over. You may as well continue to use your home phone until the contract is up and then give your provider a call to cancel it entirely.

When it comes to getting rid of a home phone you may or may not be ready. Make sure you do a little research in terms of what you are using the phone for and what other ways you can keep in touch. That way you save the most amount of money without breaking off all forms of communication with friends and family.

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