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They are creepy; they are crawly; and they are invading your home! If you are dealing with any type of insect, then you are probably not too happy about it. While calling an exterminator is one way to get rid of insects, there are less drastic ways to deal with a smaller insect problem.

How To Get Rid of Insects

Whatever insect you are dealing with there are three ways to prevent bugs in your home and in your vegetable garden. First of all, keep your place clean and free of crumbs. Insects are looking for food scraps. Even a teeny tiny piece of cookie can result in an army of ants in your living room. Try to contain food to the kitchen table and clean up as soon as possible. If you have a dog this can make the situation a lot easier, especially if he enjoys your leftovers.

In addition to keeping your place free of food scraps and crumbs, you should also make sure all food is secure and tight in seal proof containers. Cereal, cookies, sugar, flour, honey and peanut butter are some of the most common insect-attractors in your cupboard. Put these items in seal proof containers or consider moving them to the fridge to keep them cool and safely stored.

Third of all, make sure you always shut the doors behind you. Insects can get into your home in a number of different ways but leaving the front door wide open provides an easy invitation for all insects. Use screens on your windows and doors to allow the breezes to come through but not the bugs. While these three tips will not prevent insects completely, they can help when keeping insects away from your home.

Specialized Insect Controllers

Getting rid of insects depends on what type of bug you are dealing with. Getting rid of ants, for example, is a lot different than dealing with a cockroach problem. In either case, you want them gone, gone and gone but you will go about it differently.

There are special insect repellents, bombs and sprays that you can use to kill all type of insects in your home. However, the down side to these sprays is that they are quite harsh. If you are going to spray or bomb your home, then make sure you do so when everyone is out for the day. After you have bombed the house you will need to do a serious clean to get rid of any insect carcasses and nests that may be hiding in the corners of your closet. Gross, yes, but necessary for a insect-free home.

You can also look at more natural ways to keep insects away from your house. Some people swear, for example, that almonds will keep spiders from coming in your home. Others believe peanut butter, boric acid and brown sugar is the perfect repellent for ants. You may want to try putting sliced or crushed cucumbers on the window sill to keep cockroaches out or use old banana peels to control fleas.

Keep in mind that insects are common in all households and, while they may be awful and disgusting, many of actually quite harmless. With that being said, however, most of us prefer not to co-exist with the creepy crawlies. Whether you want to go for the holistic approach or prefer to stick to the tried and true chemical repellents is entirely up to you. Getting rid of insects and keeping them away will go a lot smoother if you do what you can to keep your home, your family and your pets clean.

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