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In the fall, leaves fall. And this can be one of the most annoying things for renters and homeowners of large properties with plenty of trees in place. While the leaves may change into beautiful oranges, reds and yellows, they will eventually litter your yard, your pool, the child play areas and everywhere else in your outdoor area with the bright colors. Cleaning the leaves can be made into a family project rather than a yearly chore, however, with the right incentives and the right tools in place.

Leave Collection Tools

When you are getting rid of leaves you need a number of tools. First of all, invest in a good rake or two. There are even rakes for younger kids and little hands that can make it fun for your little ones to help out in the yard work. Also, you might want to invest in some good gardening gloves as well to keep your hands protected from the cold nips of fall. Picking up leaves with bare hands is not necessarily dangerous or painful but it can be when the cold October and November winds kick in, depending on where you are living.

You will also need several very sturdy and heavy duty garbage bags to put the leaves in. Some people will look into a wheelbarrow so that they can wheel the leaves to the compost if you have one in place. However, if you have a lot of leaves, then you may find that even your compost won't hold them all and it's best to have garbage bags that can take the heat and keep up to this heavy load.

Making Yardwork Fun

Once you have all your equipment in place, you need your workers. Your family are the perfect people for the job. Make sure you offer your kids a treat or a reward, however, for helping out with the yardwork as this can be quite strenuous and the appeal of being big and helping out Mom and Dad often goes away within the first ten minutes.

Make a deal with your children. For example, if they help rake up all the leaves in the front yard, without complaining, then you will take them to see a movie on the weekend. Or take them out for lunch, or let them watch television for an hour after bedtime. This will give them incentive to help out and eliminate the complaining from your kids. But, of course, you still have to worry about the whines and cries of your husband as well.

Your goal is to pick up all the leaves and put them into the garbage bags. To do this you will need to rake the leaves into very large piles and then use your hands to transfer them to the garbage bag. You may want to delegate jobs, for example, have Dad do the raking, have son hold the garbage bags in place and have daughter and Mom place the leaves into the bags. Or you may want to all work together at the same time and on the same task.

As long as you are getting rid of leaves, then it doesn't really matter how you go about the job. Try to make it fun for everyone by only doing yardwork for a couple of hours at the most. If you have an extra large property, then you may need to break it down and do a block each day for a few weeks. Whatever the case, doing the job as a family can make the process much faster and much more fun. And don't forget the treat!

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