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Getting rid of pet hair for good usually starts by getting rid of the pet. After all, unless you completely shave your pet and leave him shaved forever, then the pet hair will keep coming back. If you are looking at removing all the pet hair in your home such as when you are moving out, then your first step will need to be to get rid of the pet.

When you are moving out it is a good idea to put your pet in a kennel and split costs with a partner or leave him with friends for a week before you move out. That way you can properly clean the place without worrying about him bringing in more pet hair or accidently bringing in some from outside on your shoes or clothing. It is also a lot easier to clean when there are no distractions such as a whining dog that wants to go for a walk.

The first thing you will need to do when it comes to getting rid of pet hair for good is to give your house a really good vacuum. If you have carpets then you will need to hire a steam cleaner to get deep down into the carpeting and get rid of all the excess hair that you may not be able to see, but is certainly there. Try to remove as much furniture as you can if you are renting the place unfurnished before you begin. That way you won't have to maneuver around furniture and can get a better vacuum right from the start.

As soon as you start to move items out you will notice the pet hair hiding in every corner. Underneath entertainment systems, behind bedside tables, even in bathroom cupboards - pet hair can get everywhere! The least amount of items in your way, the easier it will be to clean.

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Once you have vacuumed you are not done yet. You will still need to go around the house and wipe down all surfaces and all walls. Pet hair can cling to the walls and while you may not be able to see if from far away, it is there. In fact, sometimes pet hair can make its way all the way to the top of the wall and onto the ceiling. To wipe it off get a cold cloth and scrub the walls. This is a good habit to get into anyway to keep the walls looking clean when it is time to move out.

Keep in mind that pet hair can get everywhere. Make sure you check the washing machine and the dryer as often pet hair will remain on the sides or caked into the linen trap. Check behind every appliance in the house such as the fridge and you are bound to find piles of pet hair there as well. It can be a tough job moving everything all over the place just to get rid of the pet hair but this is something that needs to be done, especially if your landlord is very strict about pet hair.

Getting rid of pet hair for good is a big problem for pet owners. However, when renting a place and moving out, it does have to be done. Take the time to clean your place when your pet is already gone so you are not wasting your time. Furthermore, make sure you get every corner, every crevice and every stop in the house with either a vacuum, a steam cleaner or a damp cloth.

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