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If your pet enjoys having a bath then count your lucky stars. Most pets do not. However, it is a good idea to give your pet, especially a dog, a bath at least once a month. Many dog owners will bathe their pet every week to ensure they remain clean and smell lovely for the duration of the week especially if they have long term visitors who might be allergic. There are a number of ways to go about giving your pet a bath which will all depend on what type of rental accommodation you are in and what your pet is like.

Dog Baths Inside

One option you have is to bathe your pet in the bathtub. If you have a dog that is quite small or enjoys a bath, then this will work as you don't have to worry about the pet jumping out of the tub and racing through the house soapy and soaking wet. To bathe your dog in the tub you will need to be equipped with plenty of old towels and special dog shampoo.

Put your pet in the bath and let the shower run on him to get him nice and wet. Turn the water off and soap him down. Most pets do enjoy this part of the bath as they get nice pets and scratches as you massage the shampoo into the fur. You will then need to rinse it off by putting the shower back on. If you have a shower nozzle that is not attached to the rod then this is makes the whole bathing experience much easier.

Once you have all the soap off your pet you can expect him to shake. Try to keep him in the bath tub for this so that the fur is at least contained in your tub. Have a nice warm towel waiting for him as well as one or two on the bathroom floor to give it clean. Use the towel to rub down your pet and get rid of most of the moisture.

Outdoor Dog Bath Tips

One bad thing about bathing your dog this way is that your bath tub will get dirty and covered in dog fur. You will need to clean it after you give your dog a bath. Another option you have, which will eliminate the need to clean your tub is to give your dog a bath in the backyard. However, this option will only work if you have a yard or if you have access to a hose in your apartment complex.

If your dog hates baths or is quite large then this is your better option. You will need to tie him up and then spray him with the hose. Of course this is probably going to upset him but sometimes it has to be done. Once he is wet you can soap and lather him up and then rinse the soap off again.

Use a dry warm towel to dry him off and then let him go. He will still do his shakes and probably roll on the grass but the dog fur will not go all over your bathroom when you do it outside. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about a wet dog running around your house as he will be outside.

If your dog has long hair then you may want to give him a brush as well. You can also apply flea powder or wait until the fur is completely dry and apply a flea medication. Giving your pet a bath is all part of the joys of being a dog owner.

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