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Grand Island renters insurance secures your belongings against many of the most common perils that affect renters or homeowners in NE. Fire, smoke damage, storms, falling objects, vehicle or aircraft collisions, burglary and vandalism are covered under a standard Grand Island renters insurance policy. In exchange for a small monthly Nebraska renters insurance premium, you can enjoy greater peace of mind about the security of your possessions, knowing that you'll have the means to replace your personal items in the event of a disaster or crime.

As home to the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, Grand Island has a reputation for being a secure, stable community. Grand Island has won the All-America City Award from the National Civic League three times over the course of its history. While renting a house, apartment or town home in Grand Island may feel relatively safe compared to communities outside of Nebraska, renters are still exposed to certain risks. With Grand Island renters insurance, thoughts of these hazards won't interfere with your enjoyment of life in NE.

Renters Versus Landlords Insurance

Some renters assume that when they sign a lease, their belongings are covered under their NE landlord's property insurance. In fact, there are important distinctions between a landlords coverage and renters insurance. While your landlord may be kind and supportive, and may offer to assist you on a personal basis if your belongings are damaged by fire, frozen pipes or falling ice, you must carry your own insurance policy in order to replace your personal possessions.

A landlords insurance policy covers the building you occupy, including its structural fixtures, the grounds and any external structures, like fences or sheds. The landlords policy covers any of the objects or fixtures in your apartment that are part of the property itself. Flooring, walls, windows, ceilings, electrical and plumbing fixtures are covered under your landlords policy. Fixed cabinets, built in kitchen appliances and carpets, window treatments or furniture that are rented with the apartment should be insured by your landlords coverage.

Some landlords may request that their tenants purchase Grand Island renters insurance before they sign a lease to avoid any confusion about financial responsibility. Grand Island renters insurance covers any of the items that you brought into the home, including furniture, rugs, decorative accents, electrical appliances, electronic equipment, stereos, televisions, clothing, watches and jewelry. Your policy may provide limited renters insurance coverage for your belongings when you take them off the premises, as well.

Grand Island renters insurance includes liability protection, which pays for legal costs and awarded damages if a visitor or guest suffers property damage or injury due to conditions that you or a member of your household caused. A medical payments option may be included in your insurance, to pay for minor medical treatment if a friend or guest is injured at your home. If one of your visitors trips and falls on an icy porch while leaving your Nebraska rental home, however, your Grand Island landlord may be financially liable for treatment costs.

If your Grand Island apartment, condo or house becomes uninhabitable because of a fire, a flood caused by ruptured pipes, an explosion or a storm, your coverage will include a percentage of the costs of housing, food and other living expenses while you're staying in a hotel or motel. Your insurer may impose a time limit on this benefit, or may restrict your compensation to a portion of your costs. To make the most of your Grand Island renters insurance, review the terms, conditions and exclusions of your contract carefully.

Storm Damage and Renters Coverage

The city of Grand Island was struck by a series of seven severe tornadoes in 1980, a disaster that resulted in the creation of a landmark known as Tornado Hill. While a standard Grand Island renters insurance policy will cover damage from wind storms, it is important to review the wording of the contract to determine whether this includes tornadoes. In areas of the Midwest that are prone to these destructive natural disasters, tornado coverage may not be automatically included.

Because a tornado can cause devastating damages in a very short period of time, insuring your personal property against tornadoes is vital. If your contract excludes this hazard, you can purchase a rider to protect your possessions in the event of a tornado. Talk with your insurer about adding this crucial form of protection to your portfolio of benefits.

Purchasing Grand Island renters insurance cannot prevent tornadoes, fires, ice storms or burglaries. However, your benefits can help you recover from these incidents more quickly, so that you can get back to your normal life without incurring overwhelming expenses. Secure your financial stability and your valuable property with coverage that insures the belongings that matter most to you.