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Finding an apartment building that is environmentally friendly should be important for every renter. After all, we all need to do our part to cut down on our energy consumption and help the environment. If you are looking for green apartment buildings to move in with a partner, roommate or alone, there are a few things to be on the lookout for. While there may not be many buildings that are entirely run on solar power just yet, there are several landlords across America that are actively doing their part to make their investments for eco friendly.

Green Building Features

A green apartment building is made out of recycled construction material such as wood and stone. By using recycled products, the contractors are not depleting natural resources. Another common trait of green recycled buildings are those that do not have hardwood flooring but use laminate or tile instead. Again, these other materials will reduce the amount of trees used and help the environment.

Green apartment buildings often also come with high quality windows with a high R-level as well as insulation in the roofs or cracks to provide a more controlled temperature. Additional features of green apartment buildings include energy star light bulbs and appliances, dual flush toilets, solar panels and wind panels as well as hydro power. While some buildings use all of these eco-friendly technologies, others only have installed a few of these greener living solutions.

If you are on the hunt for a green apartment building, ask your potential landlord about what resources are used and what eco-friendly features come with the apartment. It is also important to choose an apartment that offers a recycling system, not just a garbage pickup each week.

Going Green

Even if your apartment building is not particularly environmentally friendly, there are ways that you can go green in your own living space. First of all, take advantage of the natural heat and sunlight. Open those windows on hot sunny days rather than turning on the lights and cranking up the air conditioning. Keep the windows closed and sealed on cold nights and bring an extra blanket to bed rather than relying on your heater.

Another way to go green is to get rid of your reliance on your car. If you are living in a city and are close to many facilities, then you probably don’t need it anyway. Take the public transit, walk to the shops or ride your bike to work. You will not only be saving the environment but you will also be saving a small fortune on your fuel and insurance costs.

Furthermore, rather than use the apartment’s dryer, save your pocket change (and the environment) and invest in a clothes line for your apartment. On sunny days, hang your clothes on your balcony to dry or use your bathroom shower as your own personal clothes hanger. This can be a lot more convenient as well and save you a few trips down the stairs to check on your dried clothes each week. You also reduce the risk of theft or damage to your clothes by keeping them swinging and secure on your balcony.

Living in a green apartment building is an easy way to help do your part to save the environment and reduce your carbon emissions. It can also offer an easy way to lower your utility bills and keep your home more climate controlled. You may think that there is nothing you can do as a renter, but this is not the case. Simple lifestyle changes can have a dramatic impact on how much energy you are using and how much you are doing to protect our environment.

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