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Greendale renters insurance lets residents rest assured that their assets can weather any storm. When a disaster hits, it can take a toll on your savings and credit. Having to replace your belongings can become too expensive to manage, and families unprepared for a catastrophe end up devastated. Such a situation can be avoided when you purchase Greendale renters insurance to cover your property and provide other forms of Milwaukee rental protection.

Greendale is an eastern Wisconsin village near Milwaukee with a distinctive history. The community was established in the 1930s by the United State government to stimulate the economy after the Great Depression. The government rented affordable homes to residents and used the setting as a large-scale urban planning laboratory. By the 1950s, most Greendale residents had bought their homes from the government. The face of Greendale has changed over the years, and many residents are renters who need some of the same protections as Milwaukee area homeowners.

A Greendale renters insurance policy affords renters four types of coverage. The first is protection for loss or damage to personal property. Coverage also includes the cost of alternative living arrangements if the home is destroyed or severely damaged. If someone is injured on the property and sues for negligence, your policy offers liability protection. Finally, the plan will pay for reasonable medical bills when anyone is injured at the Greendale rental home.

The Right Amount of Coverage

Shoppers for Wisconsin renters insurance are often worried that they won't have enough coverage to protect them after a disaster. Policyholders have some freedom to raise their limits and add special riders and endorsements, but policies are generally straightforward with the four forms of coverage. The limits for personal property coverage are calculated to your specific needs so you know you are covered at all times.

When you purchase Greendale renters insurance, your WI agent will request an inventory of your property. To make an inventory, Greendale renters list each of their belongings with an item description, original value and age. Attaching receipts and certificates helps verify the contents of the inventory, and photographs or video help Wisconsin renters insurance claims adjustors identify the value of each item. Serial numbers for electronics and firearms should be included to aid WI police if your items are stolen.

With the inventory, your Greendale insurance agent can calculate the value of your items to set your coverage limits. In case of a total loss, you may be able to recover the entire value of your goods without worrying about being insufficiently covered. This is called the primary coverage. Loss of use, or alternative living arrangements coverage, is generally 20 percent of the primary. Liability has a set base limit of $100,000 and medical payments is set at $1,000, but those limits can be raised.

As you add significant property or get rid of high-value items, you should update your inventory. Major changes can affect your coverage limits, and failing to report changes might negatively impact your ability to get the maximal insurance compensation. Major purchases aside, the inventory should be reviewed and revised annually.

Choosing Your Deductible

The deductible you select can drastically influence your monthly premiums, but choosing a high deductible to get a lower rates requires plenty of planning. The deductible is the amount the policyholder pays out of pocket for repairs or replacement before the Greendale renters insurance kicks in. The standard deductible is $250, and you must pay that amount for each claim. You can reduce that amount to $100 or increase it to $500, $1,000 or more.

The higher the deductible, the less you pay on your monthly Greendale renters insurance bill. When you take on more financial responsibility, the Greendale renters insurance rewards you for reducing their expense in the event of a claim. Most people never expect to have to make a claim, so raising the deductible sky-high in exchange for a much lower rate seems like a great idea. But beware, you must have the cash on hand to meet your initial obligation if disaster does strike unexpectedly before you can expect any help from the Wisconsin renters insurance company.

On the other side of the coin, you can lower your Greendale renters insurance deductible to $100, and some Milwaukee insurance companies even advertise a zero deductible policy. These are only for the most qualified policyholders, and they will cost you more monthly. Lowering your obligation might be wise if you do not have much in liquid assets or if you expect to make multiple claims in a short time. Most people will make fewer than one claim per year, but the climate of WI does pose some risk for ice and snow-related damage as well as the occasional tornado. Ask your Greendale renters insurance agent how to select a deductible that will most benefit you.