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If you have newly rented a property featuring a sunlit balcony, you may already feel excited over the opportunity to grow a small garden. For many at-home gardeners, apartment renting can present multiple challenges when it comes to growing vibrant plants that receive enough sunlight and grow well in the climate. Many renters will have become accustomed to only growing indoor plants on the windowsill by the time they get around to renting an apartment or other structure with a balcony. For successful plant growth in your new miniature gardening area, learn everything you can and gather all needed supplies before beginning your planting venture.

You may discover that growing plants on your balcony provides you with benefits across several different areas, particularly if you live in an area where vegetables can be successfully grown. If you are new to an area and attempting to connect with new friends nearby, you may find balcony gardening to be an effective conduit to like-minded neighbors and help you save money towards a vacation. Some neighbors in close proximity have even begun a practice of swapping vegetables or fruit cultivated, extending an invitation to all residents of the building to participate. If you have noticed that your neighbors have robust balcony gardens, you may also consider asking one of them for advice on what plant types tend to perform well.

Practical Considerations of Plant Growth

One usually successful approach to sponsoring a patio garden involves choosing container plants. You will first need to adequately research climate trends in your area (if you are new to the area and thereby unacquainted with typical climate and weather patterns), then research some of the more popular plants that perform well under these conditions. It is helpful when you already have some working knowledge of plants and have a favorite variety you would like to attempt growing. Once you have narrowed in on a general category, you may want to narrow selections within down to those that successfully reach maturity in containers.

Container plants can be ideal for balconies because of how contained they are; if you ever need to move to another residence, you may be able to transfer your potted plants with you to no ill effects. There are several considerations of growing potted plants that need to be accounted for. One of the primary considerations involves drainage. As is stands to reason, plants restricted to containers do not have the ample opportunities that ground plants do to soak up moisture. Your container plants will depend on what moisture they are able to reap from the soil immediately surrounding them. For this reason, it is important to seek a planter that provides for the right amount of moisture retention and the correct level of drainage.

Most pots custom tailored for plants will feature a workable drainage system already in the bottom. What you are looking for in this regard is enough opportunity for drainage so that your plants will not become overpowered by water and drown. At the same time, you will not want a drainage portal so large that it allows for the seepage of soil.

Routine Care Taking of Plants

Keeping in mind that your plants will have restricted access to water, you will need to make sure that you water them adequately. This becomes especially important if you live in a dry area, or if your potted plants are positioned so they do not receive any rain whatsoever. Another important aspect of growing plants on a balcony involves ascertaining that they are properly receiving sunlight. You will need to re-position them if they begin looking droopy.

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