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If you live away from your friends and parents then you may find that you have people staying at your house for days, weeks or even months at a time. After all, when your parents live on the other side of the country or nation it seems silly for them to come and stay for only the weekend. What this means is that you will get a dense visit with them, especially if they are living with you during their stay. While you may have had 18 years or more to get used to living in close quarters with your siblings and parents, it can be a little different when they are the house guests. Learn how to handle sharing your living space with siblings, friends, family, parents, even a roommate's large dog and anyone else who wants to stay for a long term.

It is important that your long term visitors have their own living space. If you do not have a spare guest room then it can be hard; after all, no one wants to live on your sofa for weeks at a time. You will need to furnish the spare room with a bed or two single beds if you are expecting guests that do not sleep together.

In addition to a place to lay their head you should also try to make space in the closet for their items. Other things to include in the spare room include a vanity table, a laundry basket and a television or plenty of books, if possible. That way your guests can entertain themselves in their own room when everyone needs a break from one another.

Sharing your Space

You will need to get used to sharing your kitchen, living room and other areas with others. If you like coming home to an empty, clean, private house then this can be a huge change. You need to relax for a little bit and get used to compromise. If the in laws are driving your absolutely crazy then escape into your bedroom or go for a walk with your spouse. This can help you calm down and let off some steam.

No one likes to overstay their welcome. After living with someone for several days you are bound to get some tension which is why you need to try to remain in control. The last thing you need is to start a fight with your visitors and make them feel bad about staying. You may find that they do not come back for a long time or that you cause tension with the family. This is something you want to avoid. After all, family is family and part of their job description is to drive you a little nutty.

Another important thing to consider when renting is that you will need to notify your landlord that you are having guests. Some property managers have rules about guests and you may be limited to only one or two at a time. However, most landlords are not going to be upset if your parents come and stay with you for a couple of weeks.

Keep in mind that, if you are having long term visitors you may all need a break from one another. Try to plan a long weekend away for your visitors so you can have your privacy back. If they are visiting then they will probably love to do a little bit of touring around and even staying in a hotel or resort for a couple of nights. This will give everyone a bit of a break and make handling long term visitors a lot easier in the long run.

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