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A statement piece is a great way to decorate any large empty wall. Your statement piece will most likely be the focal point of the room so you want to be sure that you choose something that complements your interior décor but also demonstrates your personal tastes. You want to arrive home every day and enjoy looking at the statement piece you have chosen.

Where to Hang your Statement Piece

A statement piece can go anywhere. In the living room, the best place for a statement piece is often up against the wall behind the sofa. That way it does not compete with the television (the other most common thing to look at in the room) and can help to anchor the couch. In the bedroom, a statement piece will often look elegant at the head of the bed, especially if there is a large amount of space there. This works well with first floor rental apartments and open entrance space too.

Choosing your Statement Piece

Some of the most popular statement pieces include a blown up photograph that has been framed, a piece of art work or a large mirror. You can choose to blow up any photograph you want, either one you took or one from a professional. Natural photography often looks gorgeous is a large wooden frame to complement the furniture in your living area. Framed pictures of beaches, lakes, waterfalls, mountain, sunsets and beautiful buildings can all bring an element of culture to your room.

Many people will choose to enlarge a family photograph as their statement piece. This is a great way to personalize your home but keep in mind that some photos are unflattering if they are made too big, especially if you need to stretch the picture out to fit the space. You may want to get a larger photo frame that gives you the option of making a college with several picture windows. That way you do not have to worry about people seeing your flaws on display in an extra large photograph in the kitchen.

You may also want to show your cultural side by choosing a painting or piece of artwork from a famous or up and coming artist. There are so many choices when it comes to art work, from realism and conservative, to abstract and minimal to out-there Avant Garde. Choose something that you actually enjoy looking at rather than something that seems ‘cool’ or ‘expensive.’

A decorative mirror can also be a great choice for a statement piece, especially in a room where you want to create the illusion of more space. A decorative mirror in the bedroom always looks great. You may also want to choose wall decals or a sculptural wall piece like a candle holder to hang above your bed.

In teenager and children’s rooms, a big poster is often a good choice for a statement piece as is a banner or a large flag. If you have a beautiful quilt, this is an excellent statement piece to put on the wall in your guest bedroom or even in a nursery, especially if it is a pattern especially designed for a baby.

Choosing statement pieces should be a fun project. Consider your options as well as your budget. When it comes time to hang your piece, be sure to take the correct measurements before you start putting holes in the wall. Ask a roommate, partner or friend to help you choose the spot to ensure the artwork is straight and that you are satisfied with the piece. After all, you are the one who will be looking at it every day. You want to be sure it is hung just right.

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