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Posters can provide visual stimulation in any room. Many children and teenagers will hang posters of their favorite Disney character or band in their bedrooms while older people may enjoy framing a few posters of nature to add a touch of style to the living areas. Posters look good in any room from the den to a dormitory. There are so many different options when it comes to poster art that you can find the right design to match your interior décor.

There are several devices you can use to hang a poster without leaving a mark. This is something you should consider, especially if you are renting your home. After all, no landlord will be thrilled when it comes time to move out if you have severely damaged the walls with holes here there and everywhere and left squeaky door fix projects on all floors. In some instances it could cost you your damage deposit as well as a good recommendation. In other instances, you may not be able to put holes in the wall, if the wall of made out of concrete for example. Either way, don’t risk it. Research the various materials used to hand posters without tacks before you start poking holes into the wall.

Poster Hanging Materials

One of the easiest methods to hang a poster without denting your wall is to use wall tack. Wall tack can be found at any hardware or stationary store. Also known as Blue Tack, wall tack is a rubber adhesive similar to gum that is quite inexpensive and works to hang posters, photos and decorations. Simply place a ball of wall tack on each corner and easily hang your poster on any wall. Wall tack can be used on a number of different substances but beware of wall tack in hot sticky environments. The wall tack may slide off and your poster may end up on the ground.

Another option for hanging posters without tacks is to use speciality hooks. You can purchase speciality hooks at any hardware or even grocery store. These hooks will work in hot sticky environments and also offer a much more reliable method of hanging a poster. If you really want your poster to pop, then consider laminating it or framing it first which will make it easier to hang with the hook. Lamination is a much cheaper alternative to framing a poster and can keep your poster protected.

If you really cannot risk any type of hole, big or small, then another option is poster hanging tape which can be purchased at any stationary store. This specialty tape is actually quite affordable and works great for heavy duty posters. This is an excellent thing to pick up if you are planning on moving into a dorm room which often has strict rules about hanging posters and leaving marks.

Hanging Posters Tips

Before you hang any poster, be sure to know exactly where you want it. Use a pencil to mark where you want the wall tack, tape or tacks to go before you stick. Make sure the poster is even by using a ruler or measuring device. If you are planning on hanging a number of posters, draw a blueprint of your room before you stick any tape to see if the overall layout works together.

Hanging posters without tacks is a great way to express yourself and make your space your own. However, don’t get carried away. Choose one or two posters per room that complement one another. You do not want to clutter your area with poster overload.

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