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There is something so memorizing about sitting in front of a campfire. The warm glow, the crackling flames, and the dancing smoke - many people can sit in front of a fire and watch it for hours. Much like when enjoying a family firework show, having a campfire is just another popular activity in the summer for many families and people across the nation. Campfires are used for cooking purposes when you are away from home but they also provide plenty of entertainment as well.

Using a Campfire

The most important thing about having a campfire is safety. Many campsites will not allow campfires as it is too dangerous. This is especially the case in national parks and when it has not rained for a few days or weeks and thus the fire can easily spread to the surrounding bushes and trees. Before you lit a fire, make sure you are actually allowed. Lighting a fire in a prohibited area can result in serious fines.

Make sure the campfire is contained. Many campsites will have a special pit already established where you can start your fire. To start a fire most people will use kindling (small pieces of wood) as well as newspaper. Some people will only need dry wood and a little luck. You need to set up the wood and paper so that the wood will catch fire and that the fire can breathe. There are several tactics to starting a successful fire that will continue to burn for many hours.

A campfire is mostly used to make food. The coals from the fire will heat up your food and boil water. All you need to bring are the pots, the grills and the utensils. You can grill, boil, steam and even roast food in the same way as home.

However, your food will come with a unique campfire taste and smell which many people agree is better than real hoe cooked food, especially for a short period of time. Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs on an open fire is also a popular way to eat. However, it might be a good idea to pack more than just hot dogs and marshmallows to get a balanced diet while away from home.

Fun Campfire Activities

In addition to cooking, there are plenty of other things to do around a campfire. Songs are a great way to get everyone involved. If anyone can carry a tune and play a note on a guitar, you can have a sing along. If not, you can always bring down a portable radio or CD player with a mix of your favorite tunes to sing to.

Younger children may be happier to sing silly songs with hand actions to go along with it. Look up on the computer different campfire songs and games and you will find countless renditions and options for campfire songs and entertainment.

A campfire provides light into the night, heat on those cool evenings and the perfect setting for friends, families and gatherings. From talking the night away to playing card games, from roasting marshmallows to singing songs, there is an endless supply of things to do around campfire.

Just make sure when having a campfire that you put safety first. Never use alcohol or any other flammable substance to start the fire, even if it seems like it will be easier. Make sure you are actually allowed to have a campfire before starting one and at the end of the night take the time to dump water on the flames to put the fire out before going to bed.

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