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Sharing a birthday party with someone else can be quite frustrating but, in some instances, it makes more sense to have a joint birthday party rather than two separate parties on the same day or weekend. For example, if you and your friend are both turning 21 on the same night, then why not combine the party for a bigger bash on a bigger budget? However, if your two little ones are turning three and five on the same weekend, then you may not be able to get away with just one party, unless there are two cakes!

There are a number of instances where sharing a birthday party makes more sense. Make sure you take the following important considerations in mind when having a joint birthday party. You need to keep everyone happy on their special shared day.

Joint Birthdays For Friends

One of the times when having a joint birthday party is a good idea is if you are planning a really big event. For example, let's say you and your spouse have birthdays only one week apart. For a big occasion, such as a thirtieth, you may want to rent out a big venue and have a big dinner party for friends. Why not make the party for the both of you so that you don't have to throw two big parties one week apart? This will cut down on your costs and will also make it less tedious for your guests who will most likely be happy to only celebrate once and make it a night to remember.

This is only one example of where a joint party is a good idea. It can also be a great excuse to get away with the girls, to rent out a hotel room or to even take a trip. After all, sharing your day with someone else makes for twice the reason to celebrate and twice the budget for yourself and your guests! However, joint birthdays are not always in the best interest for both of the guests and in these instances, they may not be the best idea.

Children and Joint Parties

For example, children often have trouble sharing their special day with someone else, especially a sibling. If you manage to have your kid's only days apart in the year from one another, then it might seem like a good idea to combine their parties. However, siblings often have trouble finding their own identities without having to compete with their sister or brother, even on their birthday. Unless you are only doing something with the family, then it is best that you let your kids have their own special day, even if this means throwing a party on Saturday and Sunday!

If you do decide to throw a joint birthday party for your kids then you should make sure you let them both have a say in what happens. Let them both invite their friends and make two different cakes. It can be tricky to keep both of your kids happy, especially if they are very different and have different ideas in mind.

Having a joint birthday party can end in lots of fun or it can end in lots of tears depending on who the birthday girl or boy is. If you are dealing with children that tend to take birthdays extremely seriously, then often it is best to just suck it up and throw two little parties to keep both of your kids in the spotlight for the day. This is the one special day where children should not have to share with their brother or sister.

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