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A neighborhood car wash is an excellent way to raise some money for a good cause and get to know your neighbors. A neighborhood car wash will leave your street with clean and fresh vehicles but also leave you feeling happy and satisfied with your efforts. When planning a neighborhood car wash, get as many people involved as you can, including children and adults, to make your car wash a success.

Preparation for a Neighborhood Car Wash

While it is not necessary, most neighborhood car washes will be used as a way to raise money for someone who needs it rather than just turning the afternoon into swimming pool games. You can raise money for a larger organization such as the Red Cross or Breast Cancer Research or you can raise money for a smaller, more personal cause, such as for a friend who has experienced some hardship or for the victims of natural disasters in your area. Having a car wash to raise money, rather than pocketing the cash, will leave you with a satisfied feeling that you are helping out those in need and making a difference in your community.

Having a neighborhood car was takes a little preparation and planning. If you live on a busy street then this will work in your favor as you will get lots of cars passing by on a Saturday or Sunday and stop in for a quick wash. If not, you can advertise your neighborhood car wash in the paper. Make sure you also advertise the cause that you will be contributing to. Make up posters to put on the street corners and hand out flyers to the other streets around you. Set up a 'team' of marketers in your neighborhood to be in charge of the planning and preparation a couple of weeks before the big day.

Cleaning Cars for a Cause

It is a good idea to take shifts when it comes to cleaning the cars. You may want to have four people on duty per car - one person to vacuum; two people to wash the car; and one person to dry the vehicle after. Children will love to help out with the cleaning, especially the washing and drying. Just make sure you have at least one adult present on duty at each shift. That way you know your customers are actually getting a clean car.

In addition to the team of car cleaners and the team of marketers, you can also have a few people on the snack and beverage duty team serving icy cold lemonade for the workers and the customers while they wait. If there are a few amateur bakers on the street, they may want to bake a batch of cookies and other goodies to also have on offer. Other good addition to the baked goods table includes hot chocolate or coffee, tarts, cupcakes, mini quiche and frittatas. You can put a price on the baked goods to add a little more profit to the organization or you can offer them as a freebie for the car wash.

How much you choose to charge for a neighborhood car wash will really depend on what you think is right. Some car wash companies will charge up to $45 for a professional vacuum and clean; however, you are not doing a professional job. $5 to $15 is more appropriate. You might want to add a sign that says "By Donation" which lets the customers choose how much they contribute to the service and to your cause. Many people will be happy to donate $25 or more to help out your cause; a clean car will just be a bonus.

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