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Do you need an extra hand with some things around the house, such as raking up leaves? If you live alone or if your spouse is away, then one option you have is to ask one of your neighbors to come over for a few minutes and give you a hand. Of course, not all neighbors are going to be happy spending their free time spotting you on a ladder or helping you cut down a tree. However, if you go about it the right way, then a neighbor can be a great helper for home improvement projects around the house.

There is no real rule when it comes to asking a neighbor to help you with some home improvement jobs. However, in general, if you are looking at a day job and don't know your neighbor very well, then this might be too much to ask. Asking your neighbor to spot you while climbing a ladder, to hold some tools for you or to help you cut down a tree is one thing. Asking a neighbor to help you paint the entire house is another.

Another thing you need to think about when it comes to asking a neighbor for help is that you can expect him to do the same thing whenever he needs some assistance. If he has spent an afternoon helping you, then offer him some assistance next weekend. Or, bring over a case of beer to say thank you for the help. You cannot expect your neighbor to waste his time helping you out and get nothing in return.

Home Improvement Assistance

One of the reasons you might want to ask your neighbor for assistance is because you need his advice on the best way to go about the job. For example, he may be good at working with building a patio or doing some other heavy duty project and may be able to guide you through the process. Another reason why you might want some assistance from him is if he has a shed full of tools that you would like to use. Again, there is no real problem with asking to borrow his chain saw for a couple of hours as long as you will reciprocate. This is what being a good neighbor is all about.

When you are asking your neighbor for help, make sure he is not super busy. If you see him packing up the car or doing something else productive, then it's not the best time to ask for help. Wait for another time when he is not almost out the door.

In addition to asking a neighbor for help with a home improvement project, you can also go to your friends for help. Again, you can expect to have to give them something in return for the assistance, such as a case of beer but this is often easier as you probably know your friends a little better than your neighbor. Your neighbor may feel obliged to help out because he doesn't know you well enough to tell you 'no' while your friend will most likely look for an excuse to not help out as soon as you ask.

Asking a neighbor for help with home improvement projects is not the best way to get to know your neighbor. Make sure you actually have met before, that you know his name and that you are on friendly terms before asking for help. And, most importantly, make sure you thank him and offer him assistance with anything as well.

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