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If you and your roommate have decided to part ways then it is only polite to help them move their things out. Moving can take place over the course of the month or just in one weekend depending on how your roommate wants to go about it. She may choose to pack a few boxes every night for the next two weeks or she may leave it all until the last weekend. Either way, it is always nice to offer your help.

When a Roommate Moves Out

Moving is never easy and the more people to help, the better. Ask your roommate if she wants any help with the packing process of moving. She may be happy to have you sort through her things with her and place each item into boxes or she may prefer to do this on her own. After all, some people are touchy about their items and they may not want you to go through her private belongings, asking that you only help with the items they have in the living room. Other people will be happy for all the help they can get.

Packing is only one aspect of moving. Finding a new place to live is another. There are a number of reasons why your roommate could be moving out. She may already have a new place picked out; you may be moving in with a partner; or she may be moving out of state. If she hasn't already found a place to live, then offer to help her look at rental properties. Go with her to the places if she needs some help and give her advice.

Helping With Moving

Another big part of moving is getting the stuff from your house to her new home. This can be done several ways. She may have a moving truck hired or she may be relying on friends to help her with the larger items. If she is only moving a short distance then she may be taking several trips with her own car to get the items to the new place. If she is using a moving agency, then help her compare quotes online to see which company will be the cheapest for the move.

You can offer to help on the big moving day in a number of ways. If you have the day off then offer to make a trip to her new place with some of the boxes. Help her pack the items into her car and help her move the heavy items down the stairs and into the trucks. All of these things require a lot of physical exertion and the more people to help, the quicker and easier the job will be.

Moving in and moving out is stressful. It is also respectful of your roommate to clean her room before she moves out. After all, you will need to do it before someone else moves in. If she is really over the top stressed out, then why not offer to do this task for her? Cleaning is never anyone's favourite job, especially after a long day of moving but it can make things a little easier for her. And you want to part ways as friends.

Helping a roommate move out is going to inconvenience you a little bit. Rather than spending your Saturday on the couch you could be fighting traffic with a car full of boxes. Rather than watching your favourite television shows on Friday night you could be packing towels and linen into boxes. However, this is all part of being a good friend and a good roommate.

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