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It is an emotional day when you need to help your teen move into a dorm and sign a property lease for the first time. You are finally letting your baby go and this can be hard for parents. However, this day is not about you; it is about them. And thus you need to be strong and do what you can to make this move as smooth as possible for him or her.

One thing you might notice when helping your teen move into a dorm is that they will avoid you as much as possible. Teenagers, for some odd reason, find that parents have the plague and just being seen with them is social suicide. For this reason you might find that your son is walking a few steps ahead of you at all times and rushing to get the job done. And don't even try making small chat with the other teenagers moving into the dorm at the same time! Your teenager will probably not talk to you for the next month.

Your mission, as a parent to a teenager moving into a dorm, is to help him carry his items to his room, and nothing more. He will probably not want any assistance with unpacking or organizing his closet. He will most likely not want you to stick around and meet the other parents or the other students that will soon be his friends. And he will most likely not want you to go to the local student union building to look around.

Dorm Moving Tips

Instead, take another approach to the situation. After you have helped your son or daughter move into the dorm, why not ask if you can have a goodbye lunch off campus. That way there will be fewer students around and less chance of embarrassment, in your teenager's eyes. Get the job done quickly and then take a late lunch outside of the campus grounds. This will give you a chance to spend some quality time with your baby before dropping him back off at campus (yes, dropping him off and not hanging around) and returning home without him for the first time.

Your teen will probably not have a lot to move. A few boxes, a few bags of clothes, electronics and a mini fridge are probably all there will be. You may be able to unpack the car in just a couple of trips. However, there are a few other technicalities that you might need to help out with such as setting up the home line in the dorm as well as the internet.

There are different ways to go about this but often students will go through the student network. Often you will need to make a few phone calls to get the service set up. Test it before you go so you know that your teenager has access to the internet and a working phone. Unpacking, putting pictures up, decorating the dorm - all of these things can be done in time but getting connected is something that should happen right away, especially as students need access to the internet as soon as school starts.

Helping your teen move to a dorm can be emotional and hard for you. However, this is an exciting time for him and having a weepy mom who won't let go will make it much harder, in your teenager's eyes, to make friends and make a good first impression with his fellow students. So stay strong and cry on the way home. Make this day smooth for him by being there and helping out without getting in the way.

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