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If you live in a colder part of the United States then there is a pretty good chance that your rental home has a dryer. If your rental property does not have a dryer or if yours has died, then consider purchasing a high efficiency dryer this time around. A high efficiency dryer will not only keep your clothes looking newer (and softer) for longer, but it can also lower your energy bills.

High Efficiency Dryer Selection

A high efficiency dryer works in the same way as a normal dryer but uses less energy and electricity, similar to efficient washing machines. You will still get the same great result but without the high electrical costs each month. Dryers and other white goods now come with an Energy Star rating. Ask a representative to help you select a dryer that is affordable for your budget and also comes with a high Energy Star.

High efficiency dryers may cost a few dollars more than traditional dryers but they will save you money in the long run. A high efficiency dryer can reduce your electricity output by up to 70 percent each load. If you are doing 10 or more loads a week, which is quite common for a family, then this will make a big difference on your next electricity bill. In fact, families can stand to save hundreds of dollars each year by making the switch. Your new dryer will pay for itself in savings within a couple of years.

When choosing your high efficiency dryer you need to keep the same things in mind as when you are choosing any white good. Warranty, brand name, size and ease of use are all important things to consider. Make sure you select a dryer that will fit in your laundry facility but will also effectively handle the amount of washing you do each week. Check to see how long the warranty is for. You may want to choose an extended warranty if your dryer only comes with a 12-24 month limited warranty.

Other Energy Saving Laundry Tips

In addition to making the switch to a high efficiency dryer you can also opt out of using the dryer in certain instances. Try to time your washing up days for nice days during the week where you can hang your clothes outside to dry. Even a half hour in the sunshine will make your clothes dry. Put your clothes in the dryer for the final 10 minutes just to soak up any extra moisture and keep them extra soft.

If you do not have a backyard you can purchase a portable clothes hanger which is easy to store in a closet and can fold out to hold several pieces of clothing. Place it by the window in your apartment or on the balcony if you have one. You may also want to invest in some pegs to ensure the wind doesn’t blow your undies away.

Another way to lower your energy costs when it comes to your washing and laundry is to also wash your clothing on a cold cycle. You can purchase laundry detergent designed for cold water which will make a huge difference on your hot water bill each month, especially if you several loads of laundry.

Sometimes you just cannot avoid using a dryer. During the cold winter months your clothes will not dry without on. However, making the switch to a high efficiency dryer will not only save you money on your electrical costs each month but it will also help reduce your energy output. It’s a win-win situation for both you and for Mother Nature.

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