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A high efficiency washing machine can save you a lot of money on your electricity and water bills each month. You may be surprised to learn how much water you are wasting every time you wash your clothes. Most families will do anywhere from 5 to 20 loads of washing a week which equates to a lot of water usage. Make the switch to a high efficiency washing machine and notice the difference in your energy output and your utility bills.

Buying a High Efficiency Washing Machine

A high efficiency washing machine for your extended family suite can be bought from any white goods store. They will be located in the washing machine section but will be labeled with an Energy Star rating. High efficiency washing machines have a high Energy Star rating which means they use less power. Most high efficiency washing machines will use a cold water washing system which is a much more affordable way to wash your clothes. Many people assume that you need hot water to get out those hard stains but this is actually not the case. With the right care and the right detergent, a cold water wash can effectively clean even the dirtiest of clothes.

Washing machines can cost anywhere from $200 to $2000 depending on what type of system you want. Consider the brand name as well as the warranty options when choosing your machine. How much washing you do each week? A single renter living in a small unit may be happy with a small washing machine while a family of four living in a house may choose a larger machine to help with the mounds of clothing and linen that pile up.

Many high efficiency washing machines also come with a rebate package that allows you to send the receipt in the mail and receive some money back for your purchase. This is all part of the Energy Smart incentive to help people switch to high efficiency appliances. After all, not only will you be cutting down on your cuts by making the switch but you will also be helping Mother Nature in the process.

High Efficiency Washing Machine Features

Most high efficiency machines come with an ‘eco safe’ option that allows you a much faster and thus more energy efficient way to wash your clothes. However, what other features so you want? Do you want a child lock feature that stops little fingers from getting into the machine mid cycle? Do you want a machine that includes a heavy load option for extra dirty work clothes? Do you need a larger machine that can fit several kilograms of clothes into one load?

Front load washing machines are usually more efficient than top load machines; however, there are top loaders that come with a higher energy star rating. Top loaders will need to use more water as they need to fill up to the top in order to soak the clothing. You can expect a front load machine to be much cheaper than a top loader but front loaders can also be more straining on your back as you need to bend down to get the clothes in and out.

In addition to switching to a high efficiency washing machine that works with less water and with cold water, you can also look into other energy saving options. Make the switch to energy smart light bulbs, dry your clothes with the sun when you can and turn off appliances when you are not using them. These small energy savings tips can help make a huge difference when it comes to your energy costs and to your energy output.

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