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If you are considering a high rise apartment for your next rental home, then it is a good idea to consider both the good and the bad involved with high living. While high rise apartments can be extremely affordable and convenient, you need to also consider whether this type of living will complement your lifestyle.

Living the High Life

High rise apartment buildings come with a lot of pros. First of all, there is a good chance that you will be living with several hundred, if not thousands of people which means plenty of opportunity to make friends that are literally only a staircase away. However, it also means that you need to respect the lifestyles of all these people. This means no loud parties.

High rise apartment buildings are often located in the city which means you are close to all the facilities you need including restaurants, bus stations, cinemas, grocery stores and bars. You may not need to rely on your car as much and save some money on fuel each year. Many high rise apartments are also close to beautiful natural surroundings such as gardens, parks and beaches which mean you can easily escape your apartment and head out to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. Proximity to dog parks might also come in handy if you're house training your pet.

Furthermore, if you are on one of the higher floors, you will have an excellent view of the city. There is nothing more romantic than enjoying a glass of wine with your spouse with the twinkle of the city lights to keep you company and the comforts of home all around you. And best of all, you don’t have to tip the waiter or worry about the long lines that come with restaurant and bar dining.

High Rise Apartment Dangers

However, high rise apartments also come with plenty of hazards and dangers to consider. If you have young children or pets, you need to safety proof your high rise apartment to ensure no one gets hurt. Balconies can be a big danger when it comes to high rise apartment buildings. Young children are curious creatures so you need to install a lock on the door leading to the balcony. This will stop your kids from any accidental slip and falls that could be fatal.

Another thing about high rise apartment buildings is that if someone else in the complex accidentally leaves his stove on or experiences a burst water pipe, there is a chance that you will also be impacted. Fires and water damage are more common in apartment complexes where several people reside all together than in a house where only one family resides. Be sure to review your rental insurance agreement to see what you are covered for in the event of any high rise apartment complex damage.

Another concern about high rise apartment buildings is that there is often not a lot of space to move around. High rise apartment buildings are built to house a large number of people in a small amount of space. If you are claustrophobic or prefer your own space, then this might not be the rental property for you.

While you will have your own high rise apartment building space, you most likely will not have any type of yard which can be a problem if you need to accommodate a large pet. Furthermore, if you are living with three rowdy children, having a large backyard to let them roam can be a blessing. Explore all your options as well as the pros and cons to each type of dwelling when you are looking for a new rental home.

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