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Your home can get cluttered pretty quickly. Big bulky furniture items that you no longer need and smaller brick-a-brack can easily take up all your closet, storage and even space in your spare room. If you are ready to take back your home and get rid of the clutter, then holding a yard sale is a good way to do so.

Holding a yard sale or a garage sale allows to you put all your unwanted items on sale in your front yard. Neighbors and people from around town can come to your house during the allotted hours, look through the items and purchase your unwanted things, helping you to recycle these items in your quest to cheaply go green. However, planning for a yard sale take a little bit of time and effort so make sure you are prepared to hold a yard sale before simply throwing all your items outside with a large FOR SALE poster in front of them.

Yard Sale Preparation

The first thing you need to do is set up a weekend when you can host the yard sale. Most people will host yard sales from early morning to mid afternoon. You will need to prepare all your items before this, such as choose prices for your items and decide what things you will need to sell. You may also want to give everything a good clean and a wipe down to make it looks like new again and ensure you get a good price.

Place an ad in the paper for your yard sale so that people from all over town can come. In the ad mention what type of items you have such as 'living room sets,' 'baby items', etc. as this gives people a good idea of what you have. They will be more inclined to actually come have a look if you are selling what they want.

You should also inform your neighbors about the yard sale and put up posters in your neighborhood so that people that take walks and are out and about can come and have a look too. You can make a standard poster and then print out several copies to hang up. The next time you take your dog for a walk, bring some tape and a few posters and nail them to different posts along the way. You can also advertise your yard sale through social networking and communications such as Twitter and Facebook.

Garage Sale Success

When hosting a yard sale you do not have to provide snacks or anything else but some people like to. You also need to be prepared for a little bartering. Many people will try to lower the price of an item. If you want the item sold, you should be willing to negotiate at least a little bit.

Letting go of your loved items can be hard, especially for a price that seems too cheap. After all, if you bought a table for 500 dollars ten years ago and someone wants it for 10 dollars today, this can be a huge jump. However, you have to remember that the years take a toll on furniture. Furthermore, if they do not buy it, then you are still left with the item taking up space. The other option is to give the item away where you will make nothing for it.

Holding a yard sale does take a little bit of effort. You may find that everything gets sold or you may find that you are still left with everything at the end of the day. All you can do is clean up your items, prepare for the yard sale with plenty of advertising and hope for the best.

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