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Home contents insurance for students is a practical item to acquire for college-bound students who'll be living off campus in an apartment or rental situation. Students insurance will protect the personal property of the student while he or she is away at school, but living off campus. Such items as bicycles, computers, electronics, furniture, textbooks, clothing and other personal effects will be covered by a low-cost policy for home contents insurance for students.

When you're away at college, and living in the university dorm or students housing, your personal property is still protected under your parents' policy. However, if you opt for off-campus housing, such as an apartment, condominium or house, your personal contents is uninsured and therefore, at risk. If you were to lose your personal property to fire or flood, should it be demolished or damaged, you could be out a good deal of your hard-earned cash. If your possessions are stolen, what recourse would you have?

Think about all that you keep in your rental home. Your building contents coverage is dear to you. Much of the contents of your home are the tools of your trade, the items you need to be a successful student. You should do all you can to protect your property. What if someone should be injured while in your rental unit? You would want to do all you could to see that your friend gets the attention he or she needs. That's why home contents insurance for students makes absolute sense.

Your landlord carries a building policy for the structure and anything he or she owns that is in the building. If you have a furnished, or semi-furnished apartment, your landlord has protection should anything happen to his or her possessions. However, your landlord's policy doesn't provide coverage for your personal property. If something devastating, such as a fire, were to occur, you could stand to lose all of your belongings. Home contents insurance for students will compensate you for your loss.

Purchasing Students Insurance

Home contents insurance for students is easily obtained. You can request quotes for the amount of coverage you want so that you'll secure the lowest available students rate for the greatest amount of coverage. Home contents insurance for students isn't at all expensive. It cost no more every month than the price of a good pizza-delivered-with tip.

Your basic options for home contents insurance for students coverage are similar to the options for a home contents insurance coverage for a homeowner. Before you know the amount of your students policy limit, you'll need to inventory your belongings and ascertain the sum total cash value amount of your personal property. Include everything you have inside your apartment, leaving nothing out. Do you have an additional refrigerator or maybe a high end television? What about your bike? Even if it's parked outside, secured by a lock, include it among your personal property.

Once you've taken a written inventory of your possessions, figured out the cash value/replacement value (cash value is what the actual item would be worth today, replacement value is the amount you would need to pay to replace the item) and recorded that too, give the amount to your insurance agent. Your policy will be written for that limit, or amount, which means that is the maximum recoverable amount should you lose everything. Be sure to update that amount should you acquire anything of value while you are living in your rental home.

How You are Protected

Most home contents insurance for students will insure automatically for the cash value amount. Should you decide to insure for the replacement value, speak with your insurance representative and find out if this is something they will do. Most insurers will insure the contents for replacement value, so this shouldn't be a problem. You will pay a bit more for your premiums, however.

Your insurer will also explain the liability portion of your home contents policy. You will be insured, usually up to a limited amount, against a claim or legal action, in the event someone should be injured while on your property. Your policy coverage extends only to you, so if you have roommates, you may want to encourage them to look into their own policy.

Living on your own for the first time can introduce you to a lot of firsts. You realize your need to depend on yourself and responsibility isn't an option. Even if you're still considered a dependent of your parents and on their insurance, your personal property may not be fully protected while you are living away from home. Low cost and affordable, home contents insurance for students is the responsible thing to do. Obtain some quotes today and start the process for purchasing coverage. You'll be glad you did.