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There are several pluses to conducting a home energy audit. For one, it is a relatively cheap service right now. What happens is a qualified electrician will come to your house and check where you are wasting energy. You can expect things like your air conditioning, your heater and your appliances to make a big difference when it comes to a home energy audit. However there are several other minor things that can add up. Knowing where the energy busters are can help you reduce your costs and stop relying on things that you most likely took for granted.

After a home energy audit you may notice that you are doing things a little differently to achieve an energy efficient home. For example, in the kitchen, in order to reduce energy while cooking you can add hot water to the pot instead of cold water which takes more energy to boil and longer to cook. You don't have to feed your family salad and sandwiches every night but try to cut down on your reliance on the oven, stove and microwave by looking into a rice cooker and slow cooker, both of which are energy efficient ways to cook.

Changing Your Ways

After a home energy audit you might find that you are also more conscious of the power you are wasting on electrical outlets. Having your computer on standby or having the power cords plugged in when they are not being used is actually still wasting energy. The best way to conserve energy is to shut the computer off completely and unplug it. This goes for other items around the house as well such as the microwave, the television and the lamps. Standby is still wasting energy.

Another thing you may be surprised at is how much energy your light bulbs waste. Making the switch to LED energy efficient light bulbs are a little more expensive in the long run but they last so much longer and they are also much better for your power bills. You can expect these guys to last around 10 times as longer and emit much less energy. However, you should still always turn the lights off when you are not home or not in the room and try to rely on the sun's natural light during the day as much as possible to also cut down on your energy costs.

Your heater and air conditioner is going to be a big waster which you will find out when performing a home energy audit. Running an air conditioner all day can cost several dollars and this is only one day. You can reduce the amount of output your air conditioner can to give out by shutting the doors and windows and only using the air conditioner in the room that you are in.

Try to rely on fans and the breeze as much as possible which, when living in the south during the summer months, is usually not enough. However, think before you automatically wake up and switch the air conditioning on. And, before you leave the house, shut the system off.

Every renter can benefit from conducting a home energy audit. Just because you are renting doesn't mean you shouldn't take responsibility for helping the environment, even if you are not paying the electrical bills. Take the time to get an audit done or do one yourself by monitoring the electrical meter by fiddling around with different appliances in the household. You will be surprised at what you find out and how even the little things can add up.

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