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Making sure everyone in your family is happy is an important thing to do. From decorating the bonus room to making the back yard more kid friendly, these are things that will help everyone feel more at home. Making sure the kids feel in their home and school environment, making sure everyone is fed well and gets enough sleep, making sure your spouse is coming home feeling tired but content - all of these things need to be done on a daily basis. However, if you have a family dog, then you also need to ensure that he is happy day in and day out too. What this means is choosing a rental property that is suitable for his requirements.

Some dogs, such as toy dogs and terriers, are quite content living inside an apartment and going for a brief walk at the end of the day. Other dogs, on the other hand, need space to run, to play or just to lounge that is outside of the four walls of an apartment. If you have a large or energetic dog, then you need to prepare for this with the best layout for your pup.

Choosing a house that is unsuitable for an energetic dog can result in problems down the road. Your dog may lash out against his environment by digging holes or ruining the walls or carpeting. This can cost you a lot of grief and your damage deposit and a possible eviction.

Brand new sparkling, never lived in properties, tend to not be the best for your big old dirty dog. It will be harder to hide the damage and the less than white walls after you leave. Try to choose a place that has had pets before and that the landlords seem a little understanding about how a big dog can impact the property. This is especially important if you are letting your dog live inside as well as outside.

Rental Homes for Dogs

The best property for your energetic pup is one with a large backyard with plenty of grass. While acreage is always great for pups, this is often not within your price range. Try to select a house that comes with some backyard space so your pup can run around, sniff, chase birds and find an area to do his business. If possible, try to make a special sand pit for him to dig and give him lots of toys to play with while you are away at work.

Make sure your dog has a special area for his bed, his water dish and his food bowl. This will give him a sense of space and a sense of belonging. Spend as much time as you can with him during the day before you go to work and make sure his space has plenty of shade during the day where he can lie and relax out of the hot sun.

However, just because you have chosen a property that is suitable for your dog doesn't mean you can simply leave him there day in and day out. An energetic dog loves nothing more than being part of the family with daily outings. Walks around the neighborhood, trips in the car, family picnics, beach outings - bring your dog along with you and you will see a big improvement in his happiness and his behavior at home.

Finding homes for energetic dogs is not always easy and you may need to speak to your realtor about this requirement beforehand. If your dog is not allowed inside, then look for plenty of outdoor living space so you can be outside with your pup as much as possible. If he is allowed inside, then try to choose a home without brand new features and crisp white carpets.

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