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A lot of homes have detached garages. What this means is that the garage is not attached to the house. The garage could be located above the main house or below the main house. It could be off to the side of even on the opposite end of the property. There are plenty of pros and cons to renting a house with a detached garage which should be considered when you are looking for your next property.

One of the things about a detached garage is that it gives the illusion of a separate living space. You can use the detached area as a garage to park your cars and store your items. Or you might be interested in making it a self contained area. As the kids get older and a three story home can no longer hold them you might want to make it a teenager retreat complete with cozy lounge chairs, pool table and video games. The kids will be close enough that you can monitor them but far enough away that you don't have to hear their loud noises and vulgar mouths.

Detached Garages in Rentals

Or you might look at using the area as a self contained unit to rent out. This is a great idea for those looking to make more from their investment. Renters may be happy to rent out the main house and then a singleton might be comfortable renting out just the garage as long as there are the facilities needed. Of course, if you are only renting you cannot expect your landlord to be happy with you letting someone live in the garage unless the unit is already set up with a full kitchen self contained suite.

However, if you are a homeowner this might be an investment worth looking into, especially if the garage is quite away from the main house. This will work if you are in an area where there are a lot of students looking for budget accommodation close to a school. You can stand to make around an extra $400 to $800 per week by converting the detached garage into its own unit.

Renters that have a home with a detached garage may be a little limited as to what they can do. One of the good things about having a detached garage is that you will feel like your cars are well away from the house. This frees up the space close to your property. You may have a large outdoor living space separating the detached garage and the rest of the house which can be taken advantage of.

One of the cons about having a detached garage however is that you will have to walk to get to your car every day. If it is snowing or raining then this means getting wet, most likely as you trek across the soaked yard. It also means that your vehicle is not as close by as you might like. If there is a theft or break in, you might be too far to even hear it. This is especially a fear if you drive an extra expensive vehicle or have a lot of valuable tools hidden in there.

In general, having a detached garage can be a great thing. You can use the garage to house your cars, bikes, tools, etc or you can make it into another living space. This is entirely up to you and your landlord. Homes with detached garages are not that common, however, so if your prospective rental property does come with this feature, then think about the pros and cons before signing the lease.

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