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Does your rental unit come with a hot tub? Consider yourself a lucky duck. If you do have this luxury in your rental house then you will want to take advantage of it. One option you have is to host a hot tub party. Invite some (but not all) of your friends over for some yummy snacks, good conversation and a nice relaxing soak in the tub afterwards.

Hot Tub Party Safety

When it comes to hosting a hot tub party, you have to remember that you are responsible for everything that happens at this party. This means you need to be sure that no one gets out of hand and puts their safety at risk. Make sure you have renters insurance for family and guests. It also means that you need to make sure the hot tub is in good working order before, during and after the party. There are a number of different ways you can do this.

The first thing you should do is check that your hot tub is running smoothly. Make sure the temperature is good and that the filters are cleaned out. You can expect your filter to be working overtime with more people in and out of the tub. Grass, food, drink and dirt will all get into your spa which means you need to have the most effective filters on the job.

If your filters are too dirty they will have trouble blocking out the dirt which could end up in the pump and causing a serious clog and problem. After you have hosted your party it is a good idea to add chemicals as soon as possible and change the filter again. You may be surprised at how dirty the water will get when mixed with several people.

Party Preparations

Take the time to set up an area where you want the party to take place. If, for example, you have a deck or patio, then set up a table with food outside so that your guests are not running in and out of the house with wet dirty feet. This will reduce the amount of mess and chance of slip and falls. Furthermore, set up extra towels for guests that have forgotten theirs and dry to keep the area as clear and dry as possible.

If you are having an adults hot tub party then alcohol may be involved. There is nothing wrong with indulging in a glass of wine or two in the tub but you can expect the alcohol to hit a lot faster than if you were in a regular surrounding. Make sure you supply plenty of water for your guests and make sure no one is driving if they have been drinking. Many people do not realize how much alcohol can affect them while in a hot tub until it is too late.

Make sure there is also enough lighting in your area as it can get slippery and dangerous coming in and out of a hot tub at night. Furthermore, ask your guests not to eat in the hot tub which can easily cause a pump problem down the road. The less clean up you have, the better for you as well as your hot tub.

Even though you are renting the house you are still responsible for what happens. If one of your guests does slip and fall, drown or face another serious injury, then you are held liable. Make sure you have the right renters insurance to protect in this case. Hosting a hot tub party is supposed to be fun; don't risk it by having any event without adequate insurance in place.

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