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Cleaning your oven is something you should do from time to time. It is important to keep your oven clean in order to avoid any mishaps with the oven; furthermore, when the time comes to move out of your rental home, you will need to clean the oven for the next tenant. So whether you are in the midst of moving out or simply doing a good ol’ fashion spring clean, don’t forget to hang posters without tacks and clean your oven.

The most annoying part about cleaning the oven is getting rid of all the caked on black stuff that makes its home on the inside walls of the oven. This caked on black stuff is known as carbon and is a part of the cooking process. You may find that hot water simply doesn’t work to get this stubborn solution off your oven walls. Instead, you may need to use an oven cleaner or you may want to clean your oven frequently to avoid this build up in the first place. After the, the easiest way to clean you oven is to prevent it from getting dirty at all.

The Simple Solution to Oven Cleaning

The easiest way to keep your oven cleaner for longer is to invest in some baking soda. Using a funnel, place three teaspoons of baking soda and water into a spray bottle. Shake the spray bottle so that the solution combines well. Now you have your own personal oven cleaner.

Always clean the oven when it is off. A cold oven ensues that you do not burn your hand and that the baking soda does not stick to the warm walls of the oven. To clean your oven, simply spray the baking soda solution onto those tough carbon spots. The baking soda will work to break down the carbon and eventually get rid of that annoying black stuff.

Cleaning Your Oven Essentials

One of the reasons people prefer to use baking soda rather than standard oven cleaner (apart from the price) is because baking soda will not cause any chemical problems. You can continue to cook and make delicious meals with your oven while using the baking soda solution. If baking soda does get into your casseroles or roasts, it does not matter. Baking soda is a common ingredient in a lot of foods and completely safe to eat. It will not ruin your dinner.

It is a good idea to continue to spray the baking soda solution after every meal for a number of days before you get out the cloth and try to wipe down your oven. While your oven may look disastrous for a few days, the baking soda needs to do its job by settling onto the carbon and slowly breaking it down. Several applications over a period of time will help ensure that this happens.

After several applications of the baking soda solution, you will notice that the black sticky stuff is slowly loosening its grip. When the oven is cold, use a damp cloth to wipe the carbon off your oven walls as well as on the bottom of your oven, another common spot for carbon build up.

Once you have loosened all that black carbon and your oven is looking wonderful again, do not throw away the baking soda spray can. Continue to spray the mixture after every meal (or as often as you remember) to keep the carbon from building up again and keep your oven looking like brand new meal after meal after meal and avoid a near future oven cleaning job for now.

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