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When it comes to conserving water there are a number of simple yet effective ways to reduce your water output on a daily basis. By conserving the amount of water you are using you are not only helping save the environment but you are also keeping your water bills down so you can spend more on other things, like entertainment or your cell phone plan. Even if you do not have your water bill as part of your lease agreement, do yourself, your landlord and Mother Nature a favor by reducing the amount of water you use each day.

Conserving Water Around the Home

One of the biggest water wasters is the shower or bath. You don't have to stop taking your daily shower but you can reduce the amount of time you relax in there. Rather than spend 15 minutes under the water, reduce your shower time to five minutes or less. You can still get clean and feel refreshed without wasting your water. You can also choose to take showers, rather than baths. Another option is to shower together with your spouse or give all your children a bath together. All of these things will help conserve water and can be a fun way to lighten up bath time.

When it comes to washing your clothes you don't have to start wearing dirty socks or wearing your t-shirts inside out just to avoid a wash. What you can do is invest in a front loader washing machine which uses a lot less water than a top loader. If you are not ready to replace your current washing machine, then wash your clothes on a cold cycle which will not conserve your water but it will reduce the amount of hot water you use, thus saving you money on your bill. Using cold water is a lot more energy efficient than using hot water and your clothes will still come out looking clean and smelling fresh.

Another big concern many renters have when it comes to conserving water is watering the lawn and garden. During the summer and dry months watering your garden is necessary to keep the yard looking fresh and the grass looking green. However, this can be a big water waster. If there are water bans in place, then don't break them just to keep your lawn looking good. It is better to have a brown yard rather than avoid a fine. Eventually the rain will come and give your grass a nice spray; however, until then, resist the urge to pull out your sprinkler or limit it to only once a week.

Water Saving Tips

Many people assume that the dishwasher is a big water waster but this is actually not the case. There are several energy efficient dish washers that will continue to re-use the same water and thus drastically reduce the amount of water you need to use to keep your dishes clean. For a family of four, washing all the dishes by hand will actually waste more water than using an energy efficient dishwasher.

Even simple things like turning off the tap while you are brushing your teeth can help conserve water consumption. Keep a couple of bottles of water in the fridge rather than filling your cup up with running water. Keep the ice cube tray full so you don't have to keep the tap running and waiting for the water to turn cold enough. Every little bit counts when it comes to conserving water and you can easily reduce your water bill and help save energy in the process with these simple life alterations.

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