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Have your in laws staying with your for the weekend? Lucky you. Then it’s time to pull out the laundry, old toys, show boxes and rubbish that currently occupies the spare room and turn it into the comfortable and cozy guest room.

Arrival of the In Laws

To make the situation as comfortable as possible for everyone there are a few ways you can prepare for this, and it does not include painting house shutters. First of all, make sure your in laws have the things they need to manage on their own without asking you for something every ten minutes. Put out some clean towels and show them where you keep the linen. Teach them how to use the laundry machine, the dryer, where you hang up the clothes, how to turn on the shower and where you keep everything in the kitchen so they can sufficiently pour their own glass of milk at night or do their own washing. This will make them feel more comfortable in your home and also make you feel much less like a butler during their stay.

Decorating your In Law Suite

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash making your guest room or spare area into a luxury suite. A double bed or even two single beds will suffice. Buy some spare sheets to keep in the guest room as well as a comforter. You may choose to hang up a couple of photos to give the room a cozier vibe. In addition to a place to sleep, your in-laws will also enjoy a bedside table, a drawer or closet to keep their clothes and perhaps a shelving system to place towels, hair brushes and shaving cream. If you can, consider putting an old television in their spare room as well as a laundry bin, clothes hangers, books and anything else to make the room more homely and comfortable.

Most people are not lucky enough to have a self contained unit in their rental apartment but if you do, then make it into a living quarters for your in laws. They will probably prefer to eat the main meals with you and your family but they may enjoy having their own space to watch their own programs on the television or read a book in peace without the screaming of their grandchildren. Furthermore, they will probably also enjoy their own refrigerator if they are spending a long period of time living with you.

Every household has its own set of rules. Your kids may go to bed at a specific time every night; your family may always eat dinner together no matter what’s on the television; you may only open a bottle of wine after 6:00pm. Sit down and discuss the house rules so they know what is allowed and what is not. Your in laws may think it’s perfectly acceptable to smoke inside their own home but if you (and your landlord) prohibit this, then let them know.

If your in-laws live in a different city, state or even country than you, then you can expect them to be staying with you when they stay in town. While some in laws may feel more comfortable in a hotel or in their own in law apartment, especially if your rental unit is quite cramped, most will soak up the opportunity to stay with you for the duration of their stay. Whether they are staying for the night, for the weekend or for the duration of summer, make the situation as comfortable as possible for everyone involved by doing a little preparation before their arrival.

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