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Furniture covers are a great way to spice up your old furniture without paying a fortune. Rather than kiss your old couch goodbye, give it a face lift without breaking the bank with inexpensive furniture covers. Slip covers, or furniture covers, will provide your home with a fresh new look all the while protecting your beloved furniture. They can go over any type of furniture from sofas to loveseats, from dining room chairs to ottomans. Furthermore, they protect the upholstery underneath from life’s daily wear, tear and pet hair, and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.

Readymade or Custom Furniture Covers

There are a number of options when it comes to inexpensive furniture covers. The cheapest option is readymade slip covers. Readymade slip covers are designed to fit most standard size furniture which means there is no fuss involved. You can simply purchase readymade slip covers and automatically transform your ratty old couch into a chic new seat. You can choose the type of furniture cover you want, from recliner to wing chair, from dining chair to ottoman covers, from loveseats to sofas. Because these covers are a one size fits all type of purchase, you may notice a little bit of extra fabric around the edges. However, simply tuck in the corners to enjoy a nice snug fit. Pair them with a matching floor rug to prevent laminate floor damage.

A more expensive option for furniture covers are custom made furniture covers which are made to measure. You will either take the measurements yourself or have a professional from the slip cover company come over and do it for you. Either way, your slip covers are made from scratch based on your measurements. You can expect a perfect fit but the process may take a few weeks and you can expect a much higher quote on your furniture covers.

Furniture Covers for All Couches

Many people assume that if their furniture is unique in any way then furniture covers will not work for them. This is actually not the case. There are several companies that offer readymade slip covers for all types of furniture. Three piece slipcovers, for example, can work wonders on a couch with loose back cushions. They are similar to two piece slipcovers (the standard model) but have a separate cover for the back cushions as well as the bottom ones.

If you own a sectional sofa, you may want to browse through the sectional slipcovers offered by many merchants. These slipcovers come with detachable arms so you can fit the slipcover no matter how your couch sits. You may also want to purchase two different slipcovers – one for a loveseat and one for a sofa which is another alternative to furniture covers for sectional sofas.

If you have an older model of couch that comes complete with the outdated wooden arms, you can also purchase slip covers to bring your sofa into the 21st century. In addition to purchasing furniture covers, you might also want to purchase foam batting for around the arms to pad them out and make them more comfortable.

If you are not quite ready to part with your beloved sofa or simply cannot afford a new dining room set, then consider this inexpensive alternative. Inexpensive furniture covers come in a multitude of colors and material choices from suede to cotton, from velvet to polyester. You can expect the cheapest slipcovers to be made from synthetic fibers rather than natural fibers but there is a big difference depending on the company and the cover. Consider the various options and design needs when looking into furniture covers for your home.

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