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When a crime occurs in your rental property then you have the legal responsibility to dial 911 and report it to the authorities. This not only includes the police but also your landlord. After all, it is his home and he has a right to know what has happened. Take the time to inform your landlord about a crime, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it. It is your responsibility as a tenant to do so.

You may feel a little scared to report a crime to your landlord. The first thing to remember is that it is not your fault and that your landlord does not have the right to get mad at you. Unless you are directly responsible for what has happened, such as you have thrown a big party and someone has been killed inside your home, then he will not be upset. In fact, he will probably be more concerned with your safety than anything else.

Insurance and Crime Reports

One of the reasons you will need to tell your landlord about the crime is to that he can inform his insurance provider and most likely put in a claim. If there is damage to the structure of the home, such as the windows have been smashed in, then these will need to be replaced and this often falls under an insurance claim. He may choose not to make a claim depending on how much damage has been done but this is something he has the right to know about and make the decision for himself.

The most common crimes that will need to be reported are break ins or attempted break ins. In this instance you may have a window or door smashed as well as some items stolen. Having your house broken into whether you are at home or not is often scary and you may feel like you have been violated or that you don't want to live there anymore. These are valid concerns. Speaking to your landlord and a police officer can help ease your concerns, especially if this is the first time this has happened in your neighborhood.

Picking Up the Pieces

When you are a victim of any crime, the more detail you have about the incident, the better. What this means is that you need to give details of the time and date of the crime, where you were when it happened and what exactly happened. This is true for any crime, whether it is an instance of domestic violence on your property, whether it is a public fight at a party you have hosted, whether someone has been shot outside of your yard or whether someone has tried to break and enter your home.

Keep in mind that after you have spoken to the police and they are done informing your landlord of a crime, if you have renters insurance, you will also need to make a claim to your insurance provider. This will help you gain compensation for the items that have been stolen during the crime. If you have loss of use coverage, you may also be able to stay in a hotel for the night for free while the repairs are being made to the house. In some instances, if the crime is really intense, your home may be classified as a crime scene and thus you will not be able to stay there for several days. Review your policy to see the terms and conditions of this and what your renter's insurance provider will compensate you for.

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