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Some people will install a new shower head simply for want of a variety of spray patterns that encourage one to consider an average shower a more luxurious experience. Other times, however, people find that they are getting a dismal performance from their existing shower head. If you are showering in an abysmal waterfall every day, you have probably gone from enjoying a nice relaxing shower to being annoyed after roommates refusing to pay rent, and probably finishing up as quickly as possible. Luckily, the answer to such annoyances is often as simple as replacing your current shower head.

One thing you should be on the look-out for prior to purchasing a new shower head is whether the water pressure throughout other areas of your home is similarly low. Occasionally, poor water pressure is exclusively the fault of an older shower head that badly needs to be replaced. In other cases, you simply have low water pressure in the place where you live. Many people are surprised to learn that a shower head can still represent a viable solution, even if the chief problem is water pressure including but not limited to that in your shower.

Choosing Your Shower Head

If you do have trouble with water pressure in your apartment or other rental property, there is no need to continue subjecting yourself to weak water pressure. There are shower heads specially designed for homes with low water pressure. By purchasing and installing such a shower head, you can improve the feeling of your next shower more than you may have imagined was possible.

If you are concerned with energy preservation and hoping to save costs on your monthly bills, you can look for low-flow versions that use less water than typical shower heads. With the expert design of these shower heads, you should not be able to notate a feeling of weakness in the water when you shower. Those shower heads that are designed either to coordinate with the low water pressure in certain homes or with the consumer's desire to save on ongoing costs should perform just as well as any other shower head, affording you the feeling a full, strong downpour.

Beyond these practical considerations, you will have options related to style, convenience, and preference of spray pattern. You can either obtain a fixed shower head or a hand-held version that you lift from a bracket of sorts that is mounted on your shower wall. The type you choose to install is largely a matter of preference. Another highly subjective decision you will make concerning your new shower head is how you want it to spray. Some people only want the traditional spray, knowing they are unlikely to make use of the other patterns on the shower head dial. Others want their showering experience to mirror a massage to the nearest degree possible. For them, a shower head that provides varying levels of directness and water "pulse" is ideal.

Handling the Installation

Installing a new shower head is much simpler than many people think it will be. Perhaps based upon thought of difficulty inherent in the installation process, people will quite often put up with an unsatisfactory shower head for a long period of time before finally deciding to purchase a new one. Removing your old shower head involves little more than unscrewing it from its current position. Installation process will depend in large part on whether you have a hand-held or fixed version. Whatever shower head you purchase should come with detailed instructions for installation. If you are renting, your landlord is likely to (if anything) appreciate you thus improving the shower.

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