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Having a birthday party can be a great way to celebrate your special day, or the special day of your little ones and a great way to meet new neighbors. However, it can be hard to know who you should invite. You can't invite everyone you know, including friends, colleagues, co-workers, neighbors and family members as this will be a pretty large party and you may need to hire out a hall in order to accommodate everyone. Unless you are having a milestone birthday, then it's best to stick to something small and basic in your own backyard.

You may feel obliged to invite your neighbors to your birthday party, especially if you do speak to them on a regular basis or if you live in closed quarters. The reason is because, if you are planning a party, it may get a little loud, especially at night. Furthermore, if you are living in an apartment then you may need to use the communal areas for the party, such as the pool and the barbeque facilities.

It is a good idea to let your neighbors know about this so they can prepare for the evening ahead. Saying "I am having a party" and not inviting them may come off as rude, especially if you do know them and socialize with them. So how do you know if you should invite your neighbors to a birthday party or not?

When to Invite your Neighbors

If you are throwing a party for one of your children and your neighbors have kids, then it is a good idea to invite them, especially if your kids play together. If you are having a kid's birthday party and they do not have kids, then you should not feel obliged. Saying something like "I am having some of Jack's friends over so there may be a little bit of noise and chaos" is polite and courteous.

In many instances extending an invite is all you need to do. If you are not close with your neighbors but need to let them know about the party, then you can say something like "we're having a birthday party down at the pool this Sunday. You are welcome to come by for a drink anytime." This leaves the invitation open and lets them know that you will be using the facilities.

If you and your neighbor are not close then he will most likely stay away during your party. However, even if he does stop by, take it as a sign that he may want to extend a friendship. Have a drink, welcome him to the party and perhaps end the evening with a friend as well as a neighbor. If you and your neighbor are close and do spend time together, then an invite is a must. Invite her in the same way that you have invited all of your other guests.

Sometimes there is simply not enough space in your house or apartment to invite everyone you know. If you are worried about offending your neighbors either with the noise or with the lack of an invitation to the party, then you may look at other venues instead of your place. Kid's birthday parties are quite successful at parks and gardens where the kids can roam free and you can set up the cake and goodies on a picnic table. Restaurants and bars make a great place to meet for a few drinks and a nice birthday meal with your friends. There are several avenues you can take when inviting neighbors to a birthday party or deciding to keep it small, simple and neighbor-free.

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