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Simply put, Iowa cleaning services make life easier in the Hawkeye State. When you're in the middle of a relocation, you probably don't have time to scrub, scour, mop or dust your apartment or condominium. Unfortunately, your landlord expects you to leave the unit in impeccable condition if you expect to get your deposit back.

Iowa cleaning services can come to your rescue by restoring your rental unit to near-original condition. Although there's no guarantee that your landlord will refund your entire deposit, you have a better chance of getting at least a partial refund if the unit is fresh, clean and shining. You'll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this important aspect of your move has been taken over by qualified IA professionals. Compare estimates from several Iowa services to find an affordable team that can accommodate your moving schedule.

Pet Friendly Cleaning Services

Once a largely agricultural economy, Iowa has diversified its interests to include technology, manufacturing, energy production and commerce. Whether you're moving to Des Moines, Ames, Iowa City, Davenport or Cedar Rapids, you'll find a wealth of professional, educational and cultural offerings in this traditional Midwestern state. Iowa is known as a solid, secure place to raise a family. If your personal family includes pets, you'll want to look for pet friendly Iowa cleaning services when you move to your new home.

Pet friendly services are willing to take on the work that your furry friends can create. Whether it's removing pet hair from upholstery, deodorizing carpets and drapes or cleaning up pet related stains, Iowa cleaning services will accept the challenge. You may have to pay an additional fee for certain services, like stain or hair removal. However, the fresh scent and clean living environment of your Iowa house or apartment will be worth the extra charge.

If you're in the process of moving out of an IA rental unit, you may have been required to pay an extra cleaning deposit for your dog or cat.In some cases, this deposit is non-refundable. If there's a chance that you can get part of that deposit back, professional pet friendly services will do their best to help. At the very least, qualified cleaning services can make sure that you don't get charged an additional fee for pet cleaning after you've moved out of your IA apartment.

If your pets are at home when the Iowa cleaning services arrive, this animal loving crew can accommodate them. Pet friendly Iowa cleaning services work around your pets, so that the animals aren't stressed by their presence. The cleaners who work for these Iowa companies love animals as much as you do and are willing to take extra precautions to make sure your dog, cat or bird are safe and happy.

Cleaning Drapes and Blinds

Windows and window treatments are considered a specialized area by some Iowa cleaning services. While some companies will clean the inside of your windows at no extra charge, others will charge an additional fee for this service. Some companies will not clean the exterior of your windows at all. Drapes, blinds, curtains and other window treatments may be vacuumed lightly or dusted, but most companies will refer you to professional cleaners if the fabric is very dirty or has persistent stains or odors.

Drapes and valances can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner attachment, and hardware may be dusted or polished to make these accents gleam. Mini blinds can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner attachment, a feather duster or a fabric softening sheet. Traditional venetian blinds are more difficult and time consuming to clean. Blinds should be dusted first to remove a superficial coating of dirt or debris, then the blinds can be washed with warm water and a mild detergent.

Fabric drapes and curtains can collect odors from cigarette or cigar smoke, cooking oil, heavy perfume or pets. If the apartment has been closed up for a long time, ventilating the rooms with fresh air and an exhaust fan can make a big difference in the way the drapes smell. Bowls of charcoal or a natural air freshener may help neutralize the smells embedded in the fabric. If all else fails, a professional strength odor neutralizer used exclusively by Iowa cleaning services may make your drapes smell fresh again.

Iowa cleaning services are staffed by experts who are familiar with traditional, time tested housekeeping techniques. These professionals also know how to apply the latest, state of the art equipment and commercial cleansers to make your home as clean as possible so you can focus more on getting renters coverage for different homes. These days, many companies use "green" products to reduce risks to the environment. Reliable cleaners have a whole arsenal of supplies and techniques at their disposal to meet their clients' needs.

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