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Jacksonville renters insurance offers a great deal of protection, but there are a number of rumors circulating about the degree of this protection. It is because of the rumors that some individuals in North Carolina are not covered at all, don't have enough, or they are paying a premium that is too much because they have too much.

So it is time to debunk the rumors that are surrounding renters insurance in Jacksonville, NC so that you can make the right decision regarding your coverage. It is important that you insure the contents of your North Carolina home so that you can replace them if they are destroyed in a fire or another tragic incident.

Your Landlord

The first rumor is that your landlord will take care of everything. This is not true. Your landlord is not required to take care of everything. He or she has protection against structural damage and not the contents within, which are most likely yours. The landlord is responsible for the rental property, while you're responsible for yourself and your belongings.

Even if a fire occurs that is due to an electrical issue, the landlord only needs to be concerned with the structure. It is up to you to make a claim on your Jacksonville renters insurance so that your belongings are taken care of. Even if you feel that the damage is not your fault, you will need to make a claim against your renters insurance in Jacksonville anyway because, again, the landlord's responsibility is the structure.

If your landlord tells you that you are required to have Jacksonville renters insurance in case your fish tank or waterbed leaks, this is not true. Again, you worry about your contents. It is the responsibility of the landlord to cover damages that are done to the structure. If you are in an apartment building and your waterbed leaks, the landlord takes care of the structural damage. However, if the person in the apartment downstairs experiences damage to their belongings, they may decide they want you to pay for it.

The above scenario is a case in which you would be glad to have renters insurance information in Jacksonville, NC. Imagine having to pay for the damages out of your pocket. Depending upon how extensive they may be, you are looking at a significant dollar amount.

You should also know that if someone injures themselves when visiting you at your house, you may be liable and not the landlord. This area can become rather tricky because it is a matter of who is truly liable. Does your renters insurance pay for the injury that occurred on the Jacksonville property or does your landlord's coverage?

The landlord would have to be responsible for the injury. Failure to make a repair may not be enough. If there was a way for you to temporarily fix the issue or put the appropriate warning in place, then you could be held liable and that means a claim against your Jacksonville renters insurance. Luckily, you have the policy to make a claim against.


First of all, your Jacksonville renters insurance is not going to protect you against every natural disaster. You will need to review your policy to see what kind of weather conditions the contents within your condominium or townhouse are covered under. The last thing you want is for a flood to take over your condo and everything inside be destroyed. It's worse if you don't have renters insurance in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Unfortunately, this is something that happens all too often.

So what you must do is identify what is not covered in your Jacksonville renters insurance and then add on what you need. Just be mindful of how you want your policy to pay. For instance, you may have want a lower premium so you opt for actual cash value or you may not mind the premium too much and will want to receive what you paid for your items. Your renters insurance in Jacksonville can pay either way. So if items are stolen out of your loft, you need to determine how you want them paid for.

Those who tend to opt for their Jacksonville renters insurance to pay the actual cash value tend to be those who want the lower premium. The student is a good example and so is the senior citizen because they have tight budgets. Those with a family may want to have Jacksonville renters insurance that pays the replacement value because of there being so many items that would need to be replaced.

So know what your responsibilities are and the responsibilities of your landlord so that you purchase the right Jacksonville renters insurance. You also need to be aware of your coverage and what kind of payment you want to receive. By evaluating these areas, you can buy right.