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Jacksonville renters insurance is not something that should be overlooked when it comes to finding your next rental property. Regardless of whether you are new to the Jacksonville area or are simply moving from one zip code to another, it's important to not only find that perfect rental home, but also the perfect Jacksonville renters insurance plan if you are looking for a Florida renters insurance policy.

Jacksonville Easy Living

Jacksonville is famous for its laid back atmosphere. It is currently the 14th largest city in the nation but remains one of the lowest places to live in the United States . Furthermore, with the warm nights, the sunny days and the abundance of outdoor activities, this Florida city is an excellent place to call home. Recently it was named one of the Top Ten Best Places to Live . Jacksonville boasts a wealth of outdoor activities including water sports, fishing and boating, a large ocean to explore, a zoo and an NFL team for all those football fans.

The good news for renters is that the overall cost of living, including the cost to rent an apartment, is well below the national average. In fact, Jacksonville renters pay 9% lower for the overall cost of living than the national average. For renters, the average price for an apartment is only $620 per month with studio and loft apartments starting as low as $350 and three bedroom apartments or condominiums averaging $675. There are a number of different great neighborhoods in Jacksonville including the Beaches District, Orange Park and Greater Arlington. No matter what you are looking for in a rental property, Jacksonville has something that is affordable and perfect for your lifestyle. In addition, residents can find affordable renters insurance by requesting free quotes on this website.

Jacksonville Renters Insurance Common Excuses

In addition to the low rental cost, Jacksonville residents also benefit from low Jacksonville renters insurance. Even so, an estimated 75% of all Florida residents do not have renters insurance on their rental home . This means that, during a disaster, only one in four people will actually be covered for the losses incurred. Below are four of the most common excuses why people forgo Jacksonville renters insurance every year, and how these excuses can end up costing you a lot more than what it's worth.

It's not my home; it's not my problem - actually, this is not the case. Many Jacksonville renters will assume that the owner, or landlord, is responsible for any damage in the condo or apartment. Others think that the landlord's renters coverage will cover their losses. This is actually not the case. The landlord is responsible for fixing the damage, such as a leaky faucet or a broken air conditioner, but they will not be held responsible for the ruined rug, the stained couch or the broken lamp that happened during the disaster.

It's only stuff - this is true - your possessions are only material items and they can easily be replaced with more material items. However, do you really want to start again? And, many of these material goods come with a lot of meaning and memories that simply cannot be bought from a store. It's nice to know that you will be fairly compensated if something does go wrong and you lose these items. Sure, it's only stuff, but it's your stuff. And this stuff is often what defines us.

It's a waste of money, especially considering I'll never use it - it's one of the great ironies of life - sometimes the things that are most valuable are the things you never use. We all buy car insurance hoping that we will never have to use it. We make a will in advance and take out life insurance but this does not mean we are planning to die tomorrow. Life is all about planning for any occasion and thus, it is important to also plan for the worst when it comes to your house. You may think tenants coverage is a waste of money, but what happens if a robbery or disaster does strike? What then? Isn't it better to be prepared?

It's too expensive - the cost of living continues to go up and it may seem like every week there is a new bill being shoved into your mail box. With interest rates increasing, your car premium skyrocketing and your electricity bill through the roof, you most likely think you cannot afford Jacksonville renters insurance. The good news is that Florida's state average for renters insurance is one of the lowest in the nation at only $12 per month, or $144 per year for $30,000 worth of property coverage and $100,000 worth of liability coverage . This is well below the national average of $240 per year . This means anyone can afford Jacksonville renters insurance, including those without an income such as the starving college student or the retired senior citizen. If disaster does strike and your home is damaged then the last thing you can afford to do is start again. With Jacksonville renters insurance, you don't have to.

Jacksonville Renters Insurance Advice

When it comes to finding the best deals for Jacksonville renters insurance, you need to be well aware of the following three things: First of all, make sure you shop around. There are a number of different renters insurance companies out there and thus there is a lot of competition. Take advantage of this by doing a simple comparison of Jacksonville renters insurance in your zip code. Compare the different quotes as well as the various options offered. Make sure you focus on the property coverage, the liability coverage and any other extra coverage that you might need. You should also look at the various deductibles offered based on the replacement or cash value of your possessions. When it comes to finding Jacksonville renters insurance, it pays to be specific about your needs in order to get the policy that works best for you.

Secondly, choose a company that you know and trust. Although it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest rental insurance price out there but what are you really getting? If something does go wrong and you are forced to use your Jacksonville renters insurance, then you want a company that is known for its dependable service and reliable payments. The last thing you want to do is run circles around your coverage company while dealing with an act of robbery or a natural disaster.

And, finally, when it comes to finding the best insurance premium for your needs, make sure you consider your lifestyle. The best way to do this is to take inventory of your belongings.  Are you a single city dweller or are you a family man? Do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in expensive jewelry or artwork that might need additional insurance? Is your townhouse filled with the latest electrical toys and state of the art furniture? Do you live in a building that is prone to problems, flooding or electrical complications? Do you live in an area that suffers from some of those famous Florida storms? Whatever the case, it's best to look for Jacksonville renters insurance that caters not only to your budget, but also to your possessions. After all, even though you never expect to use it, it's always a comforting thought knowing your Jacksonville renters insurance is there, just in case.

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