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Kansas moving services provides you with an alternative to doing it all yourself. By hiring the services of these Kansas professionals through your Kansas renters insurance policy, you won't have to beg your friends to help you move, enlist the use of someone's pick-up truck, or consider renting a truck to make the move on your own. The time consuming and physically taxing task of hauling and transporting your furniture, and personal property adds to an already stressful day. You may be feeling excited and a little apprehensive about your Kansas relocation. Why not hand off the job of physically moving your possessions Kansas moving services?

A lot goes into relocating your home and transporting your possessions. Your Kansas move should actually begin a good 6 weeks prior to that day. By organizing your time and using it wisely, you should be able to manage your move easily. By hiring one of the professional and capable Kansas moving services, you can check one very important item off of your to-do list. Now, to tackle the rest!

Your Relocation Schedule

Whether you're moving several miles or a few blocks, the chores surrounding relocation are many. From selecting a mover from Kansas moving services, to securing utility services, changing your address and notifying friends of your move, your schedule is tight. Most rental agreements stipulate that you must notify the landlord of your intention to move 30 days prior to vacating your space. This is necessary even if your lease is going to expire at that time.

The 30 day notice requirement means that you probably have already decided on another home and made arrangement to move there a good month to six weeks before you actually load up your Kansas moving services crew and hand over the key. This means you'll have a fair amount of time to begin working toward moving day. In order to make your Kansas move as stress free as you possibly can, you'll need every bit of six weeks.

With six weeks to go until your move, begin emptying the refrigerator, freezer and cupboards. As you empty an area, clean it. Places like your pantry or cupboards, freezer and refrigerator. Take an inventory of your belongings. Decide to what KS charity you'll be donating your gently used items that you no longer want. Make arrangements for a pick up service to come by and get your donations and arrange for Kansas cleaning services. As soon as you can, notify your landlord in writing.

Five weeks before your scheduled move, get quotes from your Kansas moving services companies and make a decision on a crew. Gather boxes and packing materials and begin packing those items you don't expect to use before the move. Things like holiday decorations or out of season clothing can be packed and boxed. Mark the boxes accordingly.

At four weeks out, schedule your disconnection for your utility services along with your cable and internet services. Make sure you schedule the connection at your new Kansas home at the same time. File your change of address with the postal service and investigate what you will need in terns of automobile insurance if you've never lived in KS before. Make sure you're all caught up on any final bills.

When you have three weeks left before the big moving day, continue packing items as you realize you won't be using them before you move to your new home. If you have pets, check with your vet and, if you're moving to Kansas from out of state ask for a referral for KS veterinary services. If you live in an apartment, make sure your leasing office is aware of your move out date and that you have secured a mover through Kansas moving services.

Two weeks before the big day, continue packing and enlist the services of the rest of your family. Notify your bank of your change of address. Transfer or close any accounts as necessary. Plan your meals for the next two weeks and avoid using appliances you've already cleaned. Make sure you keep a folder of all the necessary names and contact information.

As move out day draws near, pack all but the essentials you'll need for your last few days in your old home. This will be items such as clothes you'll wear the last few days, toiletries you'll need and maybe a coffee pot and a few dishes. Contact your Kansas moving services company to firm up your plans for moving day and check back with your landlord to arrange the time for your walk-through before turning over the key.

Making Your Move Easier

By sticking to a schedule and following your lease checkpoints you can keep on top of the tasks at hand. When the big day arrives you'll be more than ready for your relocation adventure. Your Kansas moving services crew will find you eager to get the move on the road.

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