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Roses are a beautiful addition to any garden. Whether you have one lone rose bush in your front yard or are growing a Mecca of rose bushes in your backyard, one thing remains the same - your desire to keep them healthy and growing well. Growing roses well takes a lot of time and effort to get the perfect aroma, the perfect budding and the perfect flower every time. One of the most common concerns for rose bush enthusiasts is the chance of bugs disrupting your rose bush and ruining your flowers.

If you are faced with an insect problem in your rose bush garden, then there are a few ways to solve this issue. If you notice that your rose bushes are being nibbled on, then it's time to get rid of those pests. There are several types of insects that enjoy snacking on rose bushes. Leafhoppers, spider mites and aphids are some of the most common insects.

You can easily get rid of these bugs without harmful pest control with just a bottle of soap and water. Simply mix the liquid soap and water into a spray can and spray the leaves with this solution twice a month. This will keep the bugs off your rose bushes and will provide you with the chance to check your roses every so often to make sure they are growing well without getting in the way of keeping pets happy.

Pest Control on Rose Bushes

There are several pest control options you can also look into to keep bugs off your rose bushes. However, many people do not want to use harmful chemicals in their garden, especially if they have pets or children. If you are looking for a fast active insect killer, then consult your gardening experts to see what they recommend. They will be able to point you in the right direction for the area in which you live in.

Another natural option when it comes to keeping bugs off rose bushes is to let the birds do the dirty work for you. There are several birds that will eat insects and thus keep them off your roses including robins and bluebirds. Consider hanging a bird feeder near your rose bushes. This is a great way to add a little more color to your garden as well. Additional animals that can help you with your little pest problem include ladybugs and praying mantis that also eat insects.

Proper garden maintenance is also important when it comes to keeping your rose bushes insect-free. This means pruning away any dead or infected leaves and keeping your rose bush looking healthy all year round. Make sure you also clean up the area near the roots. Rake up any leaves and get rid of any weeds or other debris making a mess of your roses. If there is no debris to hide in and feed on, your insect population will decrease considerably.

Having access to fresh roses is a great way to get in the good books with your spouse and always have the perfect handpicked present ready. Valentine's Day, Mother Days, birthdays and celebrations become a lot cheaper and a lot more meaningful when you pick your loved one roses from your very own garden. Rather than spend close to $100 for a bouquet of flowers, you are not spending a cent. Simply place the roses in a vase along with a few other flowers from your garden and you have the perfect present for any occasion. Make sure your roses are always ready to woe your special someone by keeping bugs off of rose bushes year round.

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